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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – The latest recital of Florida's election (every local visit):

3:45 p.m.

Dr Sen Bill Bill says his re-election submission "things out were a bit different than … I was hoping."

The Capitol Hill Democrat inn allowed the razor-sick Sunday Sunday for the Republican Roman Republic to recite a video report on the same day as the Florida Counties had to submit the official results from a poorly reputed statement. These results showed the three-time Scott person who attracted more than 10,000 votes.

Scott says in the statement "It has been a pleasant journey as well as a very misleading experience."

"I was not affected in this race but I still want to reinforce the case again: A public office is a public trust," he said.

Scott thanked all the support, including the ones who did. his campaign worked and put time and resources to the election attempt, saying, "And with the hopeful heart, I want to say something: and we may have been a bigger player in this campaign They have never been at work. "


3:15 p.m.

President Donald Trump states that Florida Republican Rick Scott is "not going to grow" as he wants to do; Strong for the seat of Senate Senate from an old Democrat on Capitol Hill.

Dr Sen Bill Bill Nelson completed the re-election appeal that was very close to Sunday by agreeing to Ronald Scott, the government that was in the process of being able to do so. go out of Florida Nelson spent the fight on a day when Florida Counties had to submit their official results after a poorly reputed statement. These results showed the three-time person with Scott with over 10,000 votes.

Trump tweeted Sunday to support Scott, a & # 39; writes, "He was a great Governor and is even older in the production of the Florida people. Congratulations to Rick that he has made a so exciting and successful campaign!


3:05 p.m.

Senator Sen. Bill Nelson has completed his re-election bid that is very close to bringing the race to Roman Rick Scott.

Nelson spent the Sunday fight to a governor who went out of Florida on a day when the Florida Counties had to submit their official results. These results showed that Scott had a three-time trip with over 10,000 votes.

Nelson's banishment included disastrous days of mention and political struggle in the successful state of the United States. president. It is likely to complete the 76-year-long Nelson Nelson long-term political post. It was first elected for a Congress almost 40 years ago and then to the Assembly in 2000.

Nelson and Democrats had filed a number of legal cases over the statement, but a federal judge refused a majority of them.

Florida will not officially confirm the final installments to Tuesday.


2:40 p.m.

The Colombian Government of Florida. Rick Scott says that the Old Democrat was responsible. Bill Nelson said he would stop the race that was very tight.

Scott commented on Sunday saying that Nelson gave "a generous commitment" to the Seanad race shortly after the state's statement had come to an end. The final results show that Scott has influenced Nelson by throwing just over 10,000 votes out of 8 million. Nelson expects to send a video report later on Sunday.

The loss of completing Nelson's political career post. The three-time person was elected to the U.S. Assembly. in 2000. Previously, he made six terms in the US House and as state treasurer and insurance commissioner for six years.

Scott spent more than $ 60 million of his own money on advertising that Nelson showed as it was outdoors and effectively. Nelson responded to Scott's accident quiz and says he would be under the command of his / her. President Donald Trump.


2 p.m.

The official voting statement of Florida shows that a democrat has won the race for a state agriculture commissioner.

Results released on Sunday's presentation after the statement of Nikki Fried's Statement on the Republican Matt Caldwell with 6,753 votes out of 8 million cast. That's about one vote out of 2,000 cards.

If the results are confirmed on Tuesday, Fried replaces the Republic of Adam Adam Putnam in January. It was banned from searching for a third term and was unsuccessful to & # 39; gives the Dominican rule of control.

The agricultural commissioner also monitors the services of customers and their customers; run an absent military licensing program.

The Englishman Bill Bill Nelson Nelson would be replaced as the only Florida Democrat; holding a statewide office. The regulator, the two other Chapters' circumstances, is the two generals of the Republicans.


1:10 p.m.

The Florida statement has passed and Rick Scott's Republican Republic is the Older U.S. guides. Sen. Bill Nelson in the defensive state race of over 10,000 votes.

Official results from the state on Sunday to Scott appeared to Nelson after a legal statement and a legally necessary device. State officials will confirm all of the final Tuesday.

The results show that Scott is willing to complete the long political career of Nelson. The three-time person was first elected to the US Assembly in 2000. Nelson has signed up later on Sunday afternoon.

Scott spent more than $ 60 million of his own money on advertising that Nelson showed as it was outdoors and effectively. Nelson responded to Scott's accident quiz and says he would be under the command of his / her. President Donald Trump.



The Florida counties have influenced the date of submitting official results in this year's mid-year elections.

The Counties were held on Sundays on Sundays to finalize the recital and turn the final numbers in races that looked closely for the Assembly and Governor of the United States.

It was expected that state election officers would announce the total numbers later on Sunday, and will automatically confirm the results on Tuesday.

The date is coming day after Democrat Andrew Gillum approves the government race for the Ron DeSantis Republican. The previous figures showed that Gillum was going on with DeSantis with over 30,000 votes.

Governments needed to report a machine after their first result that the race for a ruler and US Senate showed that the race was very close. State officials then mentioned an earlier date a week

8:07 a.m.

Andrew Gillum, who tried to strengthen Florida's youth and minority voters through a democratic coalition that tried to complete two decades of the Republican commanders of the government office, was completed on his hard drive on Saturday as First black nominee for the post.

Gillum, who had been a "home-in-house", because he was telling stories about her, growing up in the state, he decided his campaign with a Facebook video he recorded with his wife in a park.

In his extra four-minute video, Gillum congratulated the Republican Ron DeSantis and was also committed to a & # 39; politically involved although their term as the sea is the Florida Tallahassee capital finishing the next week. Out of his future plans, Gillum said: "to meet him."

Gillum, just 39 years old, has earned national attention and financial support from well-known Liberal billiards with his first bid for statewide office. He was running on a Liberal platform that was a including the expansion of Medicaid and tax collection to spend more on education although the two sturdy criticisms have passed through statutory legislation under the control of GOP.

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