The Law on Anti-Crime is still not in control of unidentified asset management


On November 20, with over 93% of delegates present, the National Assembly passed the law on Corruption Prevention (Amendment).

Proposals for the distribution of additional assets, income that did not adequately report the source, had reached a consensus in the & # 39; Transport, and were not included in law.

In the definition report, the Chairman of the Agenda Committee Thi Nga, at the content discussion session, the views of the National Assembly's electors, said the units that are very well inter-agency diffused and discharged.

"As well as agreeing with the handling plan through the review process and situation in the court, there are also representatives who should collect or recommend taxes as current regulations," said Nga.

The bill representatives at 6th session. Photograph: National Assembly Information Center.

The bill representatives at the 6th session. Photograph: National Assembly Information Center.

According to the Judgment Committee Chairman, asset management, income and inappropriate explanations are the source of a new case in Vietnam.

"Although the assets and income of people, charters and civil servants are created from many different sources, the State has not controlled the income of the whole society. , the decision on resuscitation of premium property, increased income for taxation or withdrawal will be very complex, "said Nga.

In addition, this is a key issue, in relation to property rights – the fundamental right of citizens under the Constitution should be carefully considered.

Chair of the Legal Committee Le Thi Nga. Photograph: National Assembly Information Center.

Chair of the Legal Committee Le Thi Nga. Photograph: National Assembly Information Center.

The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee has asked to dictate devolved opinion polls on the above features. As a result, 209/456 (43.09%) of the total number of applicants were accepted and considered; resolve the case at the Court. 156/456 (which accounted for 32.16%) of the total number of agents; former candidates to support tax collection; 40 delegates commented that they kept the same as current law and 51 leaders did not make any comments or opinions.

So, none of the support options received from more than 50% of the producers. The Sustainable Committee found that this content would be made further and reviewed due to a high level. When the conditions are mature, practical and practicable, they will be ordered by law.

"From the above reasons, a Sustainable Committee asks the National Assembly to not add to the rules on asset handling, income and inappropriate explanations of origin in the draft law, which will be granted as ordered, he said.

In addition, Article 31 of the proposed bill on providing supplying provisions on moving things is to be done; Demonstrating distribution signs found through property and finance issues to potential agencies for better handling.

So, things that are displayed and displayed. define property sources and increase income in dishonesty to be stronger than the current law. In particular, when they breach this area, applications for the National Assembly, elected Members of Councilors will be removed from the list of applicants; People who are praised can not be re-established, reinstated, reinforced or resigned to their position; receive the proposed posts; People with another responsibility will be liable to be named by warning or more, if planned for leadership or guidance, they will be removed from the list.

The Law on Corruption Prevention and Decision (amended) is made up of 10 chapters of 96 articles, which will come true from July 1,

Three new meetings were agreed on by the National Assembly agreed by the National Assembly. Initially, the Board of Publication imposes a tax proposal (45%) or administrative penalties for buildings, an increase in revenue without reasonable explanation of origin; The draft Design Law will then come in two situations: review, set up in court and, Personal income tax collection. However, those settings do not reach a consensus on sale.

The current law applies if the body is able to prove that the property is contaminated, devolved or given in accordance with the lawsuit; If they appear tax signage, they will be treated in accordance with tax law provisions.

Vo Hai

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