"The leader" Nguyen Van Duong decided to "tell" about 1,600 billion bills of illegal profit


On November 19, Phan Van Vinh (former Deputy General General, head of the General Department of Police – Ministry of Public Security) was a lawyer and 91 people Other content continues with the question of the line service guardian play thousand billion.

Nguyen Van Duong headteacher decided not to publish 1,600 billion bills of illegal profit - Picture 1.

Nguyen Van Duong defended a report

On the 7th of the court, Mr Vinh and Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was the Director of C50) continued to appear at the exam. Unlike the previous times, he often needs to go to the medical room to take medicines, and rarely Mr. Vinh and Mr. Hoa leaving her & # 39; chairman, listen carefully to the Panel to ask the other defendants.

As the Panel asked the third person on November 19, Defender Nguyen Van Duong, Chairman of the Board of Technology Development Security Security (CNC), convicted the criminal accusation of two serious gambling crimes and silver vowels. In addition, Duw also confirmed Phan Sao Nam's certificate on the process of having two people. co-operation in the previous test.

Regarding the establishment of CNC, Duong's defenseist was introduced to the Ministry of Public Security as a former public security minister (PV). At that time, the Yang opposed investment business. In several exchange, Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was a director of C50) told the person who asked Duong that an active company would have to be in place for doing business under the C50 decision. Then, Duong and Mr Hoa met the president and agreed.

According to Duong, Mr Hoa said the C50 had a plan to build a company to cover business work. "Previously, the defendant did not have the idea to set up this company," said Yang.

Dui's long-lasting, long-term retention, so remembering the content of collaboration between CNC and C50. The accused remembered only the normal economic activity, or the activities heard to fight high tech crime.

Duong said Mr Hoa is the C50 producer who has signed a CNC collaboration. According to the charter, C50 has 20% capital in the CNC, without any contribution to staff. After co-operation, Mr Hoa said that the capital grant is not; promises that the agreement should not provide capital cooperation.

According to Yang, the defendant did not fully remember the contribution of this business to the C50, but his / her; The company has made an effort to take part in scout activities to capture the crime, especially high tech crime. This is featured in many of the reports that are already in the case file.

Nguyen Van Duong headteacher decided not to publish 1,600 billion bills of illegal profit - Picture 2.

The defendant Nguyen Van Duong was brought to court

Previously asked: "Who is the Ministry of Public Security work to review CNC?" of the Panel, responded to the Duong defender: "Mar Nguyen Thanh Hoa." During its operational period from 2011 to 2015, Yang said monthly, quarterly and annual, that CNC is recited to the Q50. The C50 also sometimes sends people to explore. The CNC's headquarters must be extinct, after 2012, the headquarters of City No.10 City of Ho Chi Minh, under the control of the General Department of Police. Starting in 2015, the new CNC is officially a professional company C50 under the decision of the General Department; The police.

Stunned when asked about money rubbish

When asked about the money waste, the person who loves Yang is very spectacular. At this crime, the accused person does not understand that it is a waste rubbish; there. "I have a lot of money in this activity, I'll continue to invest in other activities." At Bac Giang BOT, this activity is very encouraging, so I am. "like

Duong does not use the money from the investing line to invest in the UDIC company and his / her. invest in Bac Giang BOT. However, Duong added that he did not prove to use other funds to invest in UDIC and Bac Giang BOT.

After investigating his chairman, Duong received $ 20 billion funding from play companies to invest in UDIC.

The inspector asked: "The defendant did not prove the money to arrange his complaint to a place? The defendant did not confirm the money that was deposited in the UDIC? Although the person's accountant defends the money he has submitted to the UDIC for the protection of the person. "Yang said," I can not prove that I respect her & # 39; treason. "

In terms of salary for the authorities, which are too small for the benefit of the gaming line, which is more than 1.7 trillion dong, the procuratorate asked: "Where will the money be left?" Duong said: "In a 10 year strategy of technology and company messaging for the prevention of high tech crime, we will cooperate with many foreign companies, who are preparing to go -steach. I have only a special qualification. "

A probationary representative held a & # 39; asking: "Still the legacy still needs to get back money to find out the effects?" "The company has a lot of costs, the family has also helped to get over, now in the prison now more than a year and so there is no chance to settle more."

At the test, Nguyen Van Duong appeared to play a game, not to play; Thinking that tens of millions of gamers gaming and financial income were so big so that the data was distributed by the survey body.

"After knowing that many players need to sell a property, I see my behavior is really bad." I am totally responsible for having a & # 39; replacing the staff in this case because they are only working on orders and behavior of regret. Their loss is so large, and expects the panel to go to; Reducing crime is the same staff in this case, "- said Yang.

According to their prejudice, early in 2015, the defendant Nguyen Van Duong has asked his sub-signals to enter into a contract with Phan Sao Nam for his / her. Internet-based Internet Rikvip / Tip.Club game form. In working with her game, there was little money. Duong closed the order to move the capital grant to the UDIC Investment Company Stock Company (Duong as an owner), and then borrowed from someone else's name, opened the business and signed it up a & # 39; cancellation agreement. Make money, turn on and increase the value of the capital grant to UDIC. When it comes to the distribution of funding for a grievance, Duong asks his subdivisions to return the UDIC to suspend the contract to pay the sum of money; The Gambling team has a clear money.

By mid-2017, Duong sold the UDIC extracts to over 329 billion dong and bought a floor of 5 and 6 of Iona 4 Building as CNC Company's headquarters.

To help CNC, tell Nogyen Van Duong's info; Phan Van Vinh's attack on Rolex's worth $ 7,000, 27 billion; more than 1.7 million …; For a division of C50 700 million, a set of viruses of 30,000 dollars of USD and Nguyen Thanh Hoa 22 billion.

So far, the Audit Group has confirmed that a 700-million Police, a set of anti-virus software worth $ 30,000, is true, even though the work for Mr Vinh and the money A clear explanation should be separated, when the clarification will be dealt with later.

According to the survey body, the study, Duong said that crime was made promptly, but they did not cooperate to use their & # 39; To prove an illegal profit of around 1,600 billion, causing problems to the monitoring body to recover the case evidence.

To date, the Research Security Group has taken two savings books of 150 billion pounds of dong; Maintained when 95 million found. In addition, the conservative's wife volunteered to the Security Security Group of the rest of 4 billion to overcome the effects; Duong was sold voluntarily at the CNC Company's office and paid 61 billion; keep 4 cars of all kinds; Banking over 8 billion in bank accounts …

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