The leader of the Crime Police Group explained what this means for citizens



02/11/2019. 21:19

Dejan Kovačević

Dejan Kovačević, Dealbh: Youtube Printers

Dejan Kovečvić, Head of Crime Police Directorate in Serbia, Interior Minister, said today that police officers have many years of knowledge, after analyzing the impact of the work and the Preventing prevention measures, may suggest that a new crime would be introduced. Provision of criminal offenses is a serious murder, everyone to stop a crime commission in the Serbian country.

– We believe this is aimed at improving the safety of Serbian citizens. If evidence is collected which shows that a special person or a criminal group has prepared this crime, they should be punished significantly as it is now. Although they were supposed to be very seriously murdered but that the inspection authorities did not; barriers to this time, caretakers can not justify the complaint for less crime, which includes even more difficult sanctions – says Kovačević .

He says that current practice shows that members of the crime groups can be found in the preparation of their & # 39; Mortgages for, for example, unauthorized armed behavior or maintaining spreads, which do not constrain them from the intention to make this massacre.

The UKP leader is considered as a complete problem of his complaint that hundreds of citizens will be held on the basis of active knowledge, the MUP said in a statement.

– In accordance with our legislation, the competent procurator's office can carry out a review, means that police officers work only on the request of the procurator's office, which prescribes the collection of evidence for crime. If our recommendation is accepted and in the case of preparing a great slaughter, all the evidence gathered must be clear and uncertain that it is about to; preparing bad slaughter, "said Kovačević.

He also said he was up to the judges to make a decision on the evidence base that there was room for arrest.

– We believe that this is a proposal that will contribute to such a major crime prevention, and representatives from Interior Ministry of Interior, as Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, with his & # 39 ; This proposal is in front of a interdisciplinary working party that deals with drafting changes and adds to its & # 39; Criminal Code. We expect, with colleagues from other professional careers, with whom we are in this group, we will consider and submit it in the proposal for changes to the # Criminal Code, and to achieve our common goal – to increase crime and increase our country's protection – said Kovačević.

He reminded that the interdisciplinary body named in its presence includes ministerial representatives; Justice, policy makers, Interior Affairs Ministry, Ministry of Health, Association of Appointments and Judges, representatives of Bar Association, professor of Legal Department in Belgrade and non-governmental organizations .

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