The lecture on the driver's mother


Thursday, March 28, 2019 12:36 PM (GMT + 7)

After the tragic accident that killed 7 people in Phoenix, the bus driver's family visited and apologized to the families of the people.

A mother traveling a passenger car has caused an accident in Vinh Phuc: & # 34; forgive my child & # 34; - 1

Ph. Thi Duyen's Pane, on the left, was the mother of a driver on a journey and an excuse to the family who were suffering from traffic accidents in Vinh Phuc.

In the case of the bus service, the 7 people died, 3 were injured in Phoenix, wife Thhan Duyen, driving mother Phan Thanh Phu (SN 1976, living in the town of Le Khe, Xuan Son.) T Ho Chi Minh, a passenger driver of the disaster, said 27B-003.43, quickly after he received information about the accident, that her family had been placed to the co-ordination with the active force. ' handling the case.

On Tuesday 27 March, Duyen's wife also represented a traveling family to the home of victims of trauma accidents for burning burners, making a recommendation and sending apologies.

"At this time, my family hasn't expected any more whatsoever than those of the families of those affected. The cause of the disaster has yet to be investigated, but no matter what the disaster has happened." T yes, it is the family I also accept all the responsibilities that I do ", and Ms. Duyen shared.

Earlier, around 5:30 am March 27, at the junction of National Highway 2C with the route to Mo Lo, the area to Trung Nguyen commune, the Yen Lac area, Venez Phuc, the passenger car was shared with the passengers t BKS 27B-003.43 travel under PO control. Running at a fast pace, running into the group of buried people causing 10 deaths.

Those who died include: Nguyen Thi Mai (SN 1962), Nguyen Thi Long (SN 1933), Nguyen Van Kien (SN 1978), Nguyen Van Tuyen (SN 1960), Nguyen Thi Cong (NS 1946), Nguyen Lung (June 1949), Nguyen Van Party (born in 1989) lived in the town of Trung Nguyen, trung Nguyen commune.

Among three injured victims are: Le Xuan Quy, Nguyen Thi Mau and Nguyen Thi Ten, living in the town of Trung Nguyen, Trung Nguyen commune.

The authorities explain the reason for the accident.

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