The letter from the Conmebol president who is a You enjoy the river and bother Boca


After the events and the elimination, this Tuesday will be held in Paraguay, a meeting between the relevant authorities to find out what will be done by the final of the Copa Libertadores de América.

But, at the same time, today, Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, has expired a letter that has come to an end in more than enjoying the River Boca, especially for one of his sections : "The players won it on the court."

"In the Conmebol that I guess, football is not won by stones or attack, it is won by the players on the court, and more in South America with quality of our players ", Dominguez outside.

"In CONMEBOL that I am leading, we respect our opponents, and play fairly as a vision of our court, in the states, in the guidance ", deepened in terms of what happened as Conmebol president.

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