The LG 2019 ISE is to showcase the most innovative information discs


With the latest OLED and LED solutions, LG will focus on B2B technology

There is a LG Electronics (LG) of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, which runs between 5 and 8 February in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and, the latest information technology display. From the obvious OLED signals to a full range of LED material, LG can convert anything into a spectacular and proactive digital environment and deliver innovative business solutions that are suited to the needs of the customer.

The outstanding OLED exhibition in Scotland will be waiting for her / her; the first time in Europe, waiting for visitors to the main LG platform door and its creation from 88 Flexible Open Frame OLED screens. This tableboard includes binary displays up to 1000R to cover a different laird and is suitable for a variety of B2B applications; need an innovative approach. A showcase with woodland, glaciers, waterfalls, snow and other natural philosophy provide a unique and unique natural experience.

Exhibition visitors are also able to enjoy a special Transparent OLED LG menu – a modern and more visualized look based on the factual science. Behind the 38% obvious screen designed for sale and gallery environments, clear things can be clearly seen while video or images are displayed on the front. The OLED Board's open-ended framework design can be interconnected, adapted for large spaces where business interaction can take place, such as in car showrooms.

The LAPE series of LED LED screenshots are divide to & # 39; power model from the screen, giving a very thin image for many delicate settings. The smallest and lightweight LDM (LED Display Module) which facilitates the installation of the installation – both for & # 39; climbing the walls and hanging – with very bent and circulated up to 1000R. The LG LAPE series products have a wide range of 1.5-2.5 mm polite and clarity up to 1000 ns and provide a reasonable image quality in any environment, from supermarkets to conference rooms.

LAA series Unique 130-inch LED Screen with 1.5mm Pixels made for Medium and Large Conference Rooms. The audio system is based on allowing users to communicate and share unnecessary images of external speakers.

LG Color Transparent Film is a great solution that can be applied to any size of a glass surface to convert it into a very digital. With an indication of 73%, glass retains its original properties, but the cover itself is not visible when it is not used. The cover is automotive and can be easily removed without preserved sediment. This particular solution offers a wide range of colors of 24 mm, and a & # 39; maintain a high degree of publicity, suited to show anything from brand logo to color video.

At the ISE 2019, LG will also present a 0.44 mm Video Wall Even Bezel that shows realistic and dynamic images with regular color equalities for more and more spaced horizons. And the LG Patent WebOS 3.0 operating system is very helpful to help; maintain and create content. This demonstration solution is made better for control rooms and places such as shopping centers and lecture halls where multiple screenshots are needed.

A new 86-inch 4K Interactive Digital Board is equipped with an active battery technology and an In-cell IPS which has a 29 mm body design that uses an innovative direct connection process to open the gap between the panel LCD and protective glass. This combination promotes a quicker response time for reasonable writing experiences, suitable for university lectures and corporate conference rooms.

The ISE exhibition also features signage materials outside the LG LG class. The 55XE4F is waterproof and dust proof, at the same time 64% clearer and 37% lower than the final 55-inch model. This will allow you to install this installation near any space, including a wall, a roof, or a stand up. In addition, the wind turbine has a non-shielded cover; preventing bad damage even when the shell is strongly influenced.

"The next generation of board technologies that we present at this year's ISE is definitely one of the most exciting technologies that are currently available in the industry," said Lee Chunhwan, Presentation Head Information at LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. "The special technologies that LG OLED use and LED signage materials allow us to deliver better solutions to consumers in different businesses."

The main LG business solutions will be presented at the RAI 12th Amsterdam Hall from 5 to 8 February.

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