"The Libertadores Cup does not flow River"


13 December 2018

Boca idola spoke hand by Gabriel Anello in Sport Super Mitre and left titles for every taste.

"Boca Mouth" has been revived, and it is not surprising after the recent explanation of Cup Libertadores there Madrid. Until the world is spinning Xeneize is in a higher voice than authoritative Alberto José Márcico, in a conversation with Radio Mitre, he did not think in a word in his / her; language of what was lost The River in the end of America.

At the beginning of the note, "el Beto" gave out that the loss was going to & # 39; hurt and that "It was hard" He has not been consecrated by the team Guillermo "It was 22 minutes he built the seventh cup " and monitored: "Boca made 70 minutes good, but the last tiredness played against me. I was hit by the corporate situation of Boca players, the players are very hard on the court", and added: "The river did not create a visitor destination for Boca."

Most of Ben to see you a day

Provide correct names in & # 39; analyzed, the previous blog said: "I would have played with me Cardona and without Pavón. Tevez I should also go in. " Then, it valued one of the few players saved "off" from the contravention after their case: "I spoke to him Blas (Giunta) and we are delighted to deliver Nández Should be a team captain, he has the Bostero DNA. "

Regarding the future, the talented attack that Ferro began, was punishable Carlitos Tevez and send a vote of confidence Schelotto Mud: "Tevez should continue in the Boca and as a starting point. It needs to be taken away with a club shirt ", convicted and sent to his friend: "I would not think if Guillermo continues as a coach."

Near the end of the lecture, the historical dialogue supported the ideas about "last 10" Xeneize: "I agree Riquelme, the loss was harder Unidentified from Glens what was before The River". And he closed with a bomb to attack the milliff: "The Libertadores Cup does not cover the River stream. The game they lost against Belgrano It was more important I support River that They would change their soup for not being diminished. "

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