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DOCTOR has explained an incredible case in which a woman was left dead as a brain after a very serious case of celiac disease.

The medical program, which is described on YouTube Chubbyemu's medical channel, incorporating a 39-year-old woman, marked as a CG, was abducted with mental status. continues to go down.

    Dr Bernard debated the issue on YouTube's Chubbyemu channel


Dr Bernard debated the issue on YouTube's Chubbyemu channel

Earlier that day, the woman had been doing "colon-sauce sauce soy" – a dangerous internet fad that is going on. Introducing people to drink a litter of buckwheat two hours.

A woman was already very ill – she had lost 11kg in the last three weeks and she had white bread and a fish diet burned six months ago.

It has recently been released from a psychotic hospital for what was believed to be in paranoid paranoid schizophrenia.

A woman's belief was that the government had poisoned her and had read online that it would seem to sow a bitch. body toxins cleaning

    The woman, known as CG, made the dangerous feel on the internet


The woman, known as CG, made the dangerous feel on the internet

Shortly after drinking the arrow she had, she went to her; feeling that his heart was going faster, Medical diagnosticist based in the USA but Bernard.

Bernard will run the Chubbyemu channel that is running; Many of those who watch videos on medical issues such as dragonfly and cancer diseases.

"It stopped everyone to drink any water. Over the next 30 minutes, as long as he was driving home, CG stopped on the roadside and he started shouting, "he said.

When CG got home and went off, went uncertainly. She fell then.

    The woman was left dead in the brain


The woman was left dead in the brain

He was taken to hospital and long as he had been arrested in a friend, before being brought back.

There were several opportunities available for the wrong. Most of the CB had a & # 39; suffering from polar hypernatremia – which meant that salt levels were very tall to the blood.

Bernard explained that the sauce's challenge was "malignach" based on real facts.

It was said that the challenge would be cleaned by a person's colloquium; leaving her whole body of toxins ".

"The right part, no matter where sodium is, flows up to water," he said.

"CG was advised that the vessel would stay in her cholin. Then running a water to complete toxin and would have been cleaned, but not as it is a & # 39; happening. "

He said that the sugary would bring a lot of salt to her stomach, which began to draw water from her muscles and her organs.

    It is said that a woman had a & # 39; think that all toxins (stock image)

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It is said that a woman had a & # 39; think that all toxins (stock image)

As soon as the salt reached its brain, causing a reduction, causes permanent brain damage.

Bernard said that the doctors were working by putting the water into a glucose into the body of CG.

The sugar was absorbed by its cells, which was the blood pressure.

After the cure, CG started to confirm, but continued to move in and out of a sense.

Four days later she opened her eyes.

She showed dysarthria, dysphagia and quadriplegia. She can not move, swallow or talk.

It was shown that the central pontine myelinolysis, a kind of strange, ruined cells.

According to Bernard, she should not have been able to drink the soup.

"Most ordinary human beings can not drink almost half a pound of salt salts," he said.

"Everyone who was inclined to disagree with the quality of the CG was a quality of CG from drinking a beef sauce."

It is believed to have had a severe disease, severe adverse effects on gluten, which appeared as uncertainty and unstable disorder.

A microscopic study of her cells "decoration and incredibly marked", a common mark of celiac disease.

Bernard argued that her knee movements evolved, he became pleasing and has not been proven to be defrosted – after which he lost information on the internet.

An analysis by Khalaf O Bushara called a neurological show of cellular disease indicates celiac disease has been linked to mental and mental problems.

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