The list of "cut-outs" defined by the University of Chile by Frank Kudelka – National football


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The players will not be a priority for the coach until they emigrate before providing a suitable offer to the club. TVN


Not only is it spoken to strengthen The University of Chile, but also sends a farewell to the blue club. From this, according to reports Third, he had already explained what the emigrants would have before they transfer from another club.

The players that will not be the priority for their coach Frank Kudelka, so that they can start from the blue skip of 2019, the advances are Isaac Díaz, Leandro Benegas; the supporters of Gustavo Lorenzetti and Franz Schultz; and defending Alejandro Contreras and Felipe Saavedra.

The same thing means that it has also been reported to return the players to the University of Chile after they have been loaned out of the past season and that the person- guardian Gonzalo Collao, to play for Cobreloa; Nicolás Ramírez, loyal to Deportes Temuco and Camilo Moya, formerly San Luis.

The Guild was in the fight with Universidad de Chile by Yeferson Soteldo


Guild of Brazil has offered him a bid The University of Chile to maintain steering wheel services Yeferson Soteldo.

As reported DNA Radio, the herring of Porto Alegre wants to have a media treat that has a good cure for her husband, so they would have their eyes placed on the Venezuelans.

The offer comes only at the time the offer is Soteldo's reconciliation expansion is linked to the leadership of Azul Azul.

In addition, Brazilian interest was added again that recent days would have come from some of the clubs in the town MLS North America

It should be noted that Universidad de Chile must pay 2 million dollars Huachipato Half of the letter of the chosen Venezuelan. However, the laity wants to restrict a low amount for a new loan.


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