The local identity, Jacelyn Tay, announces marriage to social media, Entertainment News and Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Announced local friendship, Jacelyn Tay, Sunday (November 18) she is divorced with her husband eight years.

The health coach and founder of the Body Inc building body posted on Instagram is at the final stage of divorce divorces and says "many can be horrified".

The Wedding Party was a businessman Brian Wong in 2010. A seven-year son with them, Zavier.

In her role, she insisted on followers: "Do not worry, I and Seavier are right enough." She put up a picture of putting her son out at her airport and a photograph with her father on an airplane. The two go to Europe for holidays.

On Friday, Tay photographed a family who celebrated her son's achievements in school.

The old actor Mediacorp did not reveal the reason behind the region, saying: "I do not think I have any reason for a party to divorce but only to my son. Even though people know, you can not help us anything. I want everyone who takes care of myself and Sheavier to give us a peaceful Christmas this year. "

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