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Urine liqueur pressure returns to their highest levels, which has decreased to almost 5% against the toll. change. t
associated with the foreign exchange market. from a few days the bearish speculations back on Turkey have returned
to be heard after a few months of calm relations after last summer's financial storm. To encourage them
The number, which was announced yesterday, on the amount of foreign currency held by the Central Bank, is t
this resulted in unexpected $ 6.3 billion in the first two weeks of March. It was the less bend
identified since then, in 2014, the middle bank was cleared to tighter rates on rates.

The market that did not provide a explanation of the decline in reserves was defined by the market
sign that Turkey uses their reserves to support the price of the lira. Part of it
vulnerability has led to a new estimate in the country. Last Friday the tattoo came to lose more than 6%

From Monday, the money has begun again even though there is an interim increase in exchange rates that operators use
market to take out loans which have gone from 22 to over 1000 per cent. It probably happened that he did
According to an unconfirmed market rumor, Turkish banks have forced them to stop
provide female loans to overseas foreigners to sell short cash sales. Politically
there is a great interest in harassing financial burdens as a result of the local elections that are registered for Sunday. a & # 39;
Fearard that the financial crisis and hyperinflation could control some major towns
in the country the capital of Ankara.

however, it is clear that it is hoped that the effects of these side effects will reduce the speed and decrease of the Turra.
today it is shown. The local money returned to its lowest level since early August when the financial forecast began t
the country. Meanwhile, 10-year bond yields have grown by 18% and Istanbul's stock trade
it is down by 10% compared to rates a week ago.

At the same time, the capital aircraft from the country is getting closer. The last week has seen a 4 billion dollar increase
about showing a lack of money for families and businesses. With inflation at 19% it seems that many people in the country want them
to secure security. But obviously it simply does improve the erosion of the value of the lira.

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