The magnificent picture that leaves evidence in the state of Jennifer Lopez


The beautiful Jennifer Lopez is likely to break social networks with her; It's an amazing case, but it's very well pronounced how short & is it! In this picture, the truth.

It does not matter what efforts it will do Jennifer Lopez, he almost never reached one of his famous friends; This is the prestigious Shaq O Neolithic basketball player, who has an image of their social networking to show the most popular artist's status for its beauty.

There was a valuable message from the basketball player JLo and his beloved Alex Rodríguez, who seemed to leaving the low temperature experienced in New York and liking some of Miami's weather.

"I went out with my good friends @ Jlo and @arod in Miami. Thanks to guys," write Shaq O Neal.

Although the intention was not to be published with the intention of publishing the singer's status, b & # 39; This was the central point of view, especially because the bronx diva is seen by the desire of its friend, who did not or did "put a" punch "with their insults.

According to People magazine, the American singer has a height of 1.68 cm, a common measure among women, but when it is alongside Shaq O's neal that is 2.16 cm, it's amazing short. The two singers are now larger than the usual bend, as it reaches 1.90 cm.

Another way attracting attention in the image, that is the appearance of the dress used to use Jennifer Lopez At that time he did not help much to pick up his bumps.

Normally, Bronx's singer and diva have a & # 39; Plug it out either by tight boxes when you use or with the different features that you use for your events and artistic displays.

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At 49, Jennifer It sets out the amazing figure, which is a. Leave anyone who goes across his path without words.

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