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Smoking is known to be dangerous for health. Tobacco produces many unsafe products such as acetone, tar, nicotine and one-oxygen carbon. When these are installed, not only do they affect the lungs but your entire system. Smoking damages all organs in their cells; body, causing many diseases and affecting the general health of people who are suffering; smoking.

Badly affected smoking

  • Smoking that affects the respiratory system by a & # 39; Emphysema, Continuous call-offs, cumulative muscle disease, lung cancer.
  • It affects heart vessels and blood such as blood pressure, blood vessels are weakened, blood clots, a greater risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It will affect the excavation system with a greater risk of digestiveness; mouth cancer, neck, larynx and esophagus.
  • Smoking increases the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, extreme emergency, wear, osteoporosis, cataracts.
  • Smoking affects the breeding system. It reduces sexual performance in men and makes it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. It will also increase the chance to & # 39; behavioral behavior and surrender of birth in the unborn child.
  • It increases cholesterol and unhealthy fat that is & # 39; circulate in the blood to their equipment on blood vessels of blood.
  • Smoking weakens the protection system, and # 39; cause muscle survival, bone weave tension and loss of bone concentration.

It is always a good time to stop smoking. Smoking off smoking is a very important step in encouraging people's life and lifelong life. Although smoking is difficult to solve, it's definitely impossible.

Below, we describe various ways to stop smoking.

1. Nicotine cure

Nicotine rejuvenation cure comes into rubber, patch and inhaler nicotine formats.

Nicotine Inhale: An engineer of nicotine is in smoke form. Nicitine contains a chest. When you are inhaled, vapor nicotine will be introduced into your mouth and roof. Nicotine is not included in your lungs, compared to cigarettes. As a result, you will not get the same impact of nicotine as smoking. A nicotine-inhaler may be useful if you have problems with free scams from smoking practices, such as a & # 39; drag cigarettes out of the pack, light it, put it into your mouth and its; including.

Nicotine Leac: There is a nicotine pattern in a very large transposition layer. The exterior portion will be & # 39; surrender to your skin and its & # 39; inside to sketch the face and its # 39; leave nicotine in the skin slowly. Many sins are sold in different sizes with different strengths of nicotine. It is important to choose the right strength and size of the crack to stop smoking. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for help with how to get a & # 39; strong field strength.

Gum Nicotine: The gum contains nicotine and its & # 39; feeling like a chopped chin. When you click to & # 39; gently, nicotine will be released into your mouth. Smoking of tobaccoes that immediately transmits the nicotine into the blood through a & # 39; lungs the lungs, and reaches the brain within a few seconds. The nicotine in the cell is <math> take several minutes to reach their brain. This continues to "hit" faster with its & # 39; hair compared to smoke. His friend also has a & # 39; Deliver much less nicotine to the body compared to a diet.

2. Drugs ordered

Many medicines can help you to prevent smoking Treatments are taken to reduce the demand for nicotine. Your doctor can help you to choose which medicine or combination of medicines can help you to; eliminate smoking.

It's a cure in a Varenicline (Champix) that's a reduce the riot for Nicotin smoking and block nicotine effects if you smoke while longing; smoking, so smoking is less than happy. It is available by order. Another cure is Bupropion (Zyban) which also reduces the riot for nicotine. These drugs are easy to use and doubled the chance to eliminate smoking.

3. External support

In Canada, the Smoker Helpline website is a volunteer online rail service for smokers. They offer exercises, tips and tools to help you to; prevent smoking and an online support group to share knowledge.

In the United States, the SmokeFree website for access to information and resources is free. You can also use a NCI line at 1-877-44U-QUIT for individual counseling.

4. Changes of customs

Drinking water: It is a good drink to drink water with ice, to help you quickly nicotine and other chemicals from your body. It also helps to & # 39; Distribute the funny humor for a while. Try to use straw with the same measure as a smoke.

Deep time: Deep breath is another useful habit. Take a deep breath break, instead of breaking a cigarette. Try to delay the light of the first minute for an hour. After the first one, if you have a problem again to & # 39; smoking, try delaying at 15 minutes or half an hour. By doing this you will have control of when you say yourself.

Revitalization: Every night, before going to bed, you will give yourself five reasons to stop smoking.

Eating customs: Try to change your eating habits to reduce smoking. Drinking milk is a good way because it is considered that it is not responsive to smoking. Finish your food or food with something you do not smoke.

Spend time in areas where smoking ban is: In the first day of the # 39; left, try to spend so much time in smoking areas such as libraries, museums, department stores, churches.

Written by Pratibha Duggal


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