The major threats of the global economy in 2019


The article is signed by writer Andrew Walker, saying that the year "2018" was a "strong rational" year with global growth of almost 3.7%. In the US case, the expansion would be around 3%, and China suffered slowly compared to the last few years but still over 6%.

"Consumer confidence is variable for the global economy. Most of its evaluations suggest that the revitalization will be a huge decline over ten years ago for a bit more later this year, "the study shows.


For a BBC, it's one of the major risks that it has; the global economy threatens the economic policy that is managed by the US. Donald Trump, which shows a growth of less than 2018.

One of the steps that the economy has boosted the tax cut, but it's a? The question of whether such cleaning is to generate employment and investment, or otherwise, the impact of which will be; spread.

On the other hand, explanations Feastile Reserve (Deer), the US average bank, on flat levels. Will the flat levels continue to increase to inflation by almost 2%, depending on the route that was followed in 2018?

In the last hours, the deer's president, Jerome Powell, attempted to excavate the financial markets that were worried about the ever-growing economic in the United States, Ensure that the center is aware of the dangers.

"We are very patient because we are looking forward to improving the economy," Powell said to the American Economic Society, saying that the Deer is not a special way in terms of interest rates and a & # 39 ; indicates that it could stop the change process in 2016.

There are currently Trump and the Deer, and their battles have an adverse effect on the markets in 2018.

Commercial war

On the other hand, he still wants to see how the war between the US and China lasts, after a year in which increases in the relationship between the two countries. New increases and obstacles are not excluded in the context of this tension.

The United States has begun a big dispute with China, as President Trump has been in a position; believe that the Asian country is stealing technology from US companies. doing business in the area.

In Europe

Because the highest is Brexit, the UK will leave EU from the end of the document; March, in Europe, there is uncertainty, especially in trade.

There is also anxiety about the latest economic data that has appeared to be slower in the growth of the eurozone. "But it has been a lower economic revival that has never been very strong," the BBC has been a celebrate.


The stock markets had a difficult time in 2018, and it closed one of the worst things – if the worst – from the collapse that lasted ten years ago. For many analysts, stock behavior and corporate bonds can predict the decline.

"The philosophy known as the Yield curve has been a more reliable recurring reporter, although it is not quite certain when it can happen. However, there are economies that believe that the United States could be declining in 2020, "Walker said.

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