The man had put on behaviors over 300 boys


In Norway, a 26-year-old man, apparently, was a football referee, in excess of 300 boys for sexual abuse. BBC News Center said Wednesday.

According to the police The last case of his kind already in the country. Norwegian authorities have investigated the man for a number of years and eventually created allegations of abuse of over 300 teenage boys. According to the Office of the State Center The Internet was in Norwegian, Sweden and Denmark; most of the victims. However, some boys, according to interviewees by a man, tend to meet personally, and the person also has physical costs and misunderstandings.

According to the Norwegian media, a girl named Sandra or Henriette was the name she had; the person on the Internet debates platform to obtain the honor of the boy, he put forward pictures or videos to let him out. As a result, he would have to offer money, pictures of Sandra or snuff that were said to have been discharged when he asked to put out more material. According to the NRK public broadcasting station, it has received over 16,000 videos in this way. Obetia was aged nine to 21 years old and only one boy was able to help his parents.

The suspect was then suspected in 2016, but then it was released again. Now he should be in custody near Oslo, co-operating with the police, and recovering. Before the court, the next case is next year.

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