The man raised the identity of a son on the roof and threw it to the ground


Wednesday, November 21, 18:00 16:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The unmarried man, holding a knife, placed a child on the top and threw it to the ground.

Clip: A person who carries a baby on the top of a lot of hours (Source: Nguyen Quoc Viet)

A person's identity to drag a mac on his / her; roof and thrown to the ground - 1

Ha was arrested, and was arrested after his children were thrown into the ground

After saving to & # 39; boys, the police did not arrest the arrest. The thing brought the child to the top and threw it to the ground. Initially, the authorities identified the so-called Le Ngoc Ha, the name Ha "stone" (SN 1985, block 11, Hong Son Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An). He was arrested on the roof of the house Le Ngoc H.D. (SN 2016, son of Ha).

At 9:45 p.m. (21/11), he took his son to Dug 2, Nguyen Thuc Tu street, blind Vinh Tan (Vinh town). After that, the thing is always unusual behavior such as shouting, people who crack. Then climb up the second floor of a house in the Lane 2.

A person's identity that draws a son on the roof of the house and his / her; thrown to the ground - 2

The boy was placed on the roof of the house and then dropped.

Seeing the unusual situation, the suspicion of disciplinary, people in the & nbsp; The community has reported the event to the local government. Shortly after receiving the information, Vinh Tan's police force sent the force to the place, and reported to Vinh Police.

See uncommon behavior like a & # 39; removing clothes, curse, and sometimes throwing up the child … there are active forces to move in addition to rescues to stop things that are offset; jump Do not take the baby down. At the same time, active forces use a variety of stimulating ways to activate; persuading the thing.

At 11:30 p.m., the thing that stood on the roof of the roof was put to a knife on the ground. Follow the object to throw the child down to # 39; top, fortunately the armies set up below were timely.

After the child's successful rescue, the subject of the Ha was brought to police headquarters in the town to carry out the inspection. Young babies will be taken to hospital for medical examination. I have been steady again and I can boil milk.

Le Van Thinh, deputy leader of the 12 security group, Tan Hoa's battle, Vinh Tan said: On the night of 20/11, Ha's complained to this lodge, which has dropped many doors to "get a wife" but not Last December, the ball kept in and found the open house, went up the stairs and then up the platform to find people.

His father was buried by his son over a year on the roof and then fell

On the roof, he ran away and dropped the child from his hands.

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