The Maribor Youth Friends Association celebrated 65 years


Maribor, November 20 – Maribor's Friends of Young People Association celebrates its 65th anniversary of the World's Day of the World's Day in the House, Informing colleagues and volunteers who are long and hard working who still co-create their story. The ceremony will be opened with a music show by Gustavo Šila Dekla Elementary School, who loved the star.

Following an artistic part of the event, they will receive awards for ten, twenty-two years of collaboration and four special awards. Amongst the winners will be the leader of the Maribor Caraidean Youth Association and long-term leader of the Friends of the Young People's Association, Maribor Majda Struc, when he is awarded the Honorary Ball.

Another award will be given to the organizing committee of the Youth Project for Progress of Maribor, hosted by President Amand Papotnik on behalf of them, and Tadeja Kokol, a member of the Youth Art and Pohorje Program, Reverend recognition for a young volunteer – Kurt Kancler gets an icon for special achievements in the workplace with children and young people.

The first Maribor Youth Friendly Group (DPM) was established in 1951 and shortly after it took over the New Year's organization. New and Grandfather Mraz's tour, and at the same time he started the first school for parents in Maribor and Slovenia. The Maribor Youth Friendly Association (ZPM) was established in 1953, that is the same year as ZPM Slovenia.

In 1986, there were 36 societies of young people about the Maribor area then, and the society purchased Dom Miloša Zidanška's house in Pohorje in 1974, where they still have a holiday set for children. A year later, they got home at the Razlagova ulica building, where the Maribor Youth Creation Center (DUM) is also available.

For three decades, ZPM Maribor is also a holiday for children at sea, since the Education and Leisure Center in Porec was built in 1988. In 1995, the children and adolescents (TOM) phone started in Maribor works under the umbrella, and later the telephone network was developed throughout Slovenia.

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