The Maribor Youth Friends Association is celebrating and generating. thanking him


The most well-known organization that offers care for children and young people in Maribor is a " celebrating 65 years, giving thanks to volunteer workers and long-term employees and loyalty.

This year, we have been celebrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Sofia Family Friends Association and also 65 years since its establishment as the Maribor Youth Friendly Association (ZPM), two years earlier, 39; Maribor's first Young Friends. With the service at Maribor National Hall, the ZPM Maribor thanked the volunteers in particular, "for without our volunteers, the society can not work in a way how good it is and how much it is, "he said Saša Mikić, President ZPM Maribor. The show began with the Nina's music show, which starred by the students, prepared by students of Elementary School Gustava Šiliha Maribor, and then won awards for colleagues and volunteers who had long gone and was a co-create and co-create the story of young people's relatives.

"Volunteer gave me the opportunity to take a new knowledge"

Most of the ZPM programs in Maribor have a & # 39; including continuous volunteers and less or less. Around 300 volunteers volunteer to help ZPM Maribor each year, and in 2017 together they completed 70,000 hours of time; work. In recognition, volunteers received a unique recognition: bronze key for over 10 years, money for more than 20 years and gold for more than 30 years volunteering at ZPM Maribor.

Volunteers help find a job

Students receive an award for a young volunteer Tadeja Kokol, a volunteer in the Youth Theater (DUM), a flying bus and a holiday on Pohorje. Choinnich Kokolov volunteered in a primary school, and continued with this and learned the deaf signing language. "Volunteers have allowed me to take new skills and so have the opportunity to do a test in different professional roles," said Kokolova, who has received employment for volunteering, also because of support the school and parents: "You have less time, the more you produce."

Sašo Bizjak ZPM President Saša Mikić was renowned for special achievements in the field of work with children and young people, Kurt Kancler.

Monthly back, Kokolova was tested for a Slovak language writing assistant, but is currently preparing for a translator's test, which gives her a professional certificate to request an interpreter and is A good example of how volunteering work helps individuals to find their job.

Sašo Bizjak Majda Struc, President of the Maribor Youth Friends Association and long-term President of the Maribor Youth Association, also praised the honorary member of ZPM Maribor.

The highest prize with Majdi Struc

A special award was received from the Youth Organization Committee for Progress of Maribor, which was taken over by the President of the Slovak Republic on behalf of the Committee. Amand PapotnikSub-Honorable recognition was made of special achievements in the field of work by children and young people to Dr. Kurt Kancler, a parent-child known to all Maribor people. For the first time in history, the honorary member of ZPM Maribor was also named. She spent it Majda Struc, president of the Maribor Youth Friends Association and the long-term President of the Maribor Youth Friends Association. "This recognition means much to me because it comes from a circle of my colleagues and people who think in the same way and the same. A slogan in our organization is not always good enough for children, who also expect work to never work so that children always need a friendly, handsome word warm and people ready to help them in any way, and ZPM is the organization where they all get it, "says the expert, who does not have energy and start to work.

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