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The Yulong Group decided today's legal conference (21). Yu Zhen's general manager (2201-TW), Yao Zhenxiang, said that although the sales number of domestic cars was reduced in the 6-7 years, and he kept up a scale of 250,000 new sales per annum. To 210,000 units, it is a warning. It is very worrying. "Entrances and streams are introduced to always come in."

Yao Zhenxiang explained that the auto home market fell by 3% per annum for a period of 6-7 years, which reached approximately 250,000 units, and this year it seems that it will reach 210,000 units .

Yao Zhenxiang also released that the cars are not included in a single model, although the machines are always incoming. There are too many new models, and the rural cars should compete with them. If there are no new models, the sale is very good.

However, there is no development cost for introducing new models to Taiwan. "If you can sell a few units, you can sell a couple of units." If rural cars can not reach the economic scale, it will take a long time to develop new models.

So, Yao Zhenxiang said Amazingly that Nazhijie will be developing new, new models that will be larger than the past, and that there will be a safe car park for new cars at the time to the future, which is a common problem with car traders.

In general, Nazhijie's sales level decreased in the first 10 months of this year by 23% to 8,759 units. Yulong is a The total sales number of 10,000 units, down 30% annually. A small module will be launched next year, and it is expected to return to 15,000 units next year, but it is still a conservation expectancy.

In China, its first SUV U5 EV + electricity was confirmed by the Business Ministry of Information Technology and on the mainland, and is expected to be online at the end of the year.

As China's self-transport market is under pressure from high stock levels, Yao Zhenxiang believes that it is still in the next year's conservation market. However, as there are four-and-five cities in the Chinese backdrop and the construction of rural buildings, there is demand for buying cars. The Chinese self-Chinese market still has support.

Share price Yulon on line record K.

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