The medals sold nearly $ 4,000


Again, the accident has been taking the money markets in the Tuesday session, with the sale of large features, which have shaken the confidence of it; a new class that searches for wealth. American rulers investigate fraud.

Bitcoin has fallen by 13% to $ 4,051, which means that this week has more than 25%. The money was sold at almost $ 20,000 in late December. As a result of the decline, the remaining key funds were a reduction in decline: Ether, Litecoin and XRP, with a previous 17% decline.

After several months of constant settlement, the most populous numbers have been in & # 39; Turn completely into November and attack it deeper. At present, digital assets have lost nearly $ 700 billion in market capitalization since the increase in the number is in January this year, according to If there is trade in the future marketplace whereby investors can boost up / down bitcoin prices in the future, it is not good too.

The medals were sold uninterrupted, bitcoin and hit $ 4,000 - Picture 1.

Leak to Bitcoin's income as dolphin prices

Although the purpose of the wave is still uncertain, this situation is aligned with a # 39; Bitcoin cash comes in, which shows a terrible and unstable nature. of the medals. Earlier this year, the value of bitcoin was over $ 14,000, which broke $ 6,000 a week.

"If you look close to $ 6,000, you will find it impossible for security depositors to get under that level," said Marc Ostwald, a global engineer at ADM Investor Services in London. This is not working because we have a very dangerous environment, with stuck and weighed credit. "

Concerns about the regulations also emphasized the importance of investor psychology. Last Friday, the Commission of Trustees and Commerce (SEC) published civil penalties for two non-scheduled ICO companies. And on Tuesday, Bloomberg said that the Department of Justice in the United States was Investigated last year's fever was part of the use, with traders selling Bitcoin up-to-date pricing indicators. famous but controversial.

"All CSS changes to the worst people appear to be worse, and talk about the price" on-line "on the market, grow polar. unpleasant time ". He said the bitcoin contract for revenue would also lead to market flexibility.

Rising interest on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Exchange Options Options (CBOE) internet times has risen to 22,266 bps Monday, and # 39; cut at the highest. The current CME contract is set to terminate its business in 10 days. The number of lots sold in contracts, which allowed investors to profit from falling money, and # 39; going up to the highest point since July.

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