The media published the names of Russian military weapons captured


TSN editors published a list of Ukrainian naval sailors from Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yana Kapa boats, captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait.

A list of the TSN – 18 names, although 24 soldiers were arrested by the Russians. Journalists note that some of the people were introduced to the teams.

Boat Armored Boat Berdyansk

Commander – Roman Lieutenant Mokryak (born in 1986)

Prime Sailor Yury Bezyazychny (born in 1990)

Senior seaman Andrei Artemenko (born 1994)

Sailor Andrey Eider (born in 1999)

Senior seaman Bogdan Golovash (born in 1996)

2nd Class Captain Denis Gritsenko (b. 1984)

Nikopol small boat

Chief Executive – Lieutenant Bogdan Nebylitsa (born 1994)

Senior seaman Vyacheslav Zinchenko (born in 1998)

Sailor Sergey Tsibizov (born in 1997)

Lieutenant-Captain Sergey Popov (born in 1991)

Chief Executive 1 article Vladistav Kostyshin (b. 1994)

Senior seaman Andrey Oprysko (b. 1971)

Mention Tug Yana Kapu

Chief Executive – article 1 article Oleg Melnichuk (b. 1995)

Senior seaman, Mikhail Vlasyuk (b. 1984)

Main Sailor Victor Bezpalchenko (born in 1987)

Seaman prime Vladimir Tereshchenko (born 1994)

Sailor Eugene Semidotsky (born in 1998)

Captain 3rd Class Vladimir Lesovoy (b. 1984)

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On the morning of November 25 the Russian Federation's border ships were aggressive against three vessels of the Navy of Ukraine as long as they were moving from the Odessa port to the Mariupol port of the Azov Sea. In particular, the Russian Federation's border vessel held an attack raid.

The Russian Federation Security Service opposed Ukraine "dangerous movement" when you enter "the coastal marine waters of the Russian Federation".

After that, Russian authorities have agreed Kerch Strait closed for giving civil courts.

Burning Ukrainian vessels were shot and captured by Russian special forces, later they were brought to Kerch who lived there.

As a result of the disaster 6 Ukrainian troops wounded.

The NSDC praised armament law in Ukraine for 60 daysVice President Pedro Poroshenko Supporting to & # 39; including law of arms and honorable landlords "to come to Kiev for a BP emergency meeting" on Monday, November 26.

The Army and the Security Service of Time have full warning.

On November 26, President Unga Petro Poroshenko signed an order that sets out the NSDC's decision on emergency measures to ensure the sovereignty and independence of the State and to # 39 ; enforcing military law in Ukraine. Poroshenko introduced a bill to authorize the appropriate command to the Verkhovna Rada.

Poroshenko said he had put a military law on the entire land of Ukraine from 9:00 on November 28. He also stated that he decided to impose military law for 30 days, and not 60, as recommended by his & her; Security and Security Council, "so that no military law would be put before the election campaign any day."

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko's Order on Military Law Involvement: Full Text

Lack of army in Ukraine: Everything you need

"Consider Adviser" by Julia McGuffy

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