The medicines gave 70 mg to the medication, Prime Minister Pellegrini praised him


What we do for the country when we need to ask his or her ministry to comply with the law that is in force, and he says, "thank you, do not want"? And let people pay.

Slocan patients are coming annually with EUR 60-70 million, as Health Ministry does not; reaching his position. And under this minister, he has no plan even.


The Ministry has a legal obligation to review the repositories set up in the category from time to time. There should be a rule that the same active interest in any insurance company's payment will pay the same amount. And not just do we have to pay more for a half-strength tablet of the same active relevance. This is to stop chemists to replace the doctors instead of one program with an active 20 mg machine and at a cost of 250 euros, distribute two 10 mg entries per person at a cost of 200 euros, who does the pharmacy, in fact.

M.e. Revitalization for blood cancer treatment. Across the world, of all patients who have been ordered, the most common dose (the normal SSL) is one patient with a maximum of 25 mg. In law, you should get payment for the 25 mg of patients in any folder, and their price is always the same. But it does not belong, because the price is in three different ways – for 10 mg, according to Ministry's order; Insurance Company to pay ŠDL 567.74 euros, at 15mg 398.85 euros and 25 mg of 261.85 euros. Although the largest order in the world is 25mg, it's probably a great deal in Slovakia, it's the biggest 10mg dose; in which the maker, Celgene, benefits much more profitable. On the way, the Celgene company, who has a ministry of his & her; contributing significantly to the population tax, at the highest level of all farms … In the world.

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Both governmental and non-governmental analyzes as well as health insurance agents have attracted attention to the stored stores in classification. The Minister (who was the Secretary of State responsible for the medicine section) knows about them for at least more than a year. Years ago, the situation was very similar and the same arguments and compromises for non-handling fell.

So the reserves of the 60-70 million securities are the difference between the prices for public medicines (you will understand your money because the state's money does not) before and from after the name "" Repayment review, "which the minister refused to sign. As of 2011, Slocke patients have already come up with more than half a billion euros. They ended in pharmabiznis .

The minister said that the price of drugs would not be reduced. For they said it. So he did not attempt to break the lawful law (363/2011) and order (435/2011) humorously.

But farms are unlikely to be priced at price cuts. This is confirmed by the moment. And, indeed, some profits are bigger than any. If volunteer-seekers who voluntarily gave profits voluntarily, there are ways to protect protection against their European and global patient market transport. Whether there is a separate dependency or through the patient's patient's middle, by breaking a bonus rule based, where the trader can afford to send on official prices and it is not a & # 39; go into a global claim or through an "agreed administration, when agreed with an insurer company at amazing prices.


People who would be able to pay theory after a review (if they say they do not want to win anything), there would be more than 100 around 960 out of 5.5 million knowledge in Slovakia. If we left the ones that would & # 39; going to compete – cheaper medications (usually, if not caused) and those under current legislation protected by refund on medication over a specific statutory limit (children over 10 , occupiers of over 30 berries, containing more than 12 items per month), so there will be a few dozen people. It is easy to understand that these patients are scared, their lives are. And it's up to the state and the Ministry to defend these issues. But in these numbers the solutions should be individual and the minister should be able to give them trusts. If it is not better than costing 70 million pounds and putting it in your cam for pharmacies, there is no place to do it instead.

If the drug costs € 5,000 for its package, you can buy 10 packages for 10 patients for the same size. And the 11th are ready – they let him die because there is no money. When you follow the law, you will be costly addressing prices and benefits, you will get a unit price of 5000 euros, but 3000 euros for each package. For the same size, you can buy medicines for 15-17 patients. So the same patient will live. And, well, we can deal with 12, 13 and even seven patients.

Just for all citizens who are currently under the line that we can not, we're thinking of in SaS.


Both Prime Ministers and the Minister will defend profits with the farm. They frighten and frighten people who are very ill as a living wing. They say we are antisocial if we want profits over the money to pharmacists and give them patients for more medicine, hospitals, patients, equipment, innovative cures, patient guidance, revival, long-term care, more exemptions, a more brilliant life.

We say that this minister is just weak and a weak minister, strong interest groups say they are themselves. He is a minister who can not protect patients, but he can only benefit from spending a larger, safer cost. He does not manage his own business, he can not keep his own laws. She should retire.

Following the post of a public officer and a failure of a public servant to attend his / her; Minister, Kalavska criminal caution. I do not now want to & # 39; watching politicians and political nominees who do not make their robots and their robots; demolish people 's money. Especially in this secret area. It is non-human.

I'm the name Janka Cigániková, I'm a team of SaS for the health service and with my colleagues we are fighting in the & # 39; Parliament to pay for work, business and living in Slovakia. On Facebook, you can watch me on TU, InTrame TU and TU YouTube.

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