The meeting of its first ministers in Canada will make up very big in the years


It does not work for a & # 39; agenda is good enough for the first minister's meeting of Friday, shaping up one of the worst collections of federal, regional and territorial leaders in Canada in decades.

First Minister, Justin Trudeau, promises to make a decisive decision from the chiefs about federal piping, carbon tolls, environmental appraisals, Oshawa GM plant closures in Ontario and the crisis of the prices of the UK. oil – none of these are specially on the & # 39; the agenda.

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At the same time, federal officials are likely to allow some private access to the Montreal Convention: a & # 39; reducing interprovincialcial trading barriers.

Indeed, the feds are expected to be the most openest hostile – Ontario's Ford Ford – doing so well; is it to confirm the meeting completely, including to # 39; flows out of its collection or # 39; perhaps even to be realized. Trudeau intends to hold a bi-lingual bilingual meeting with Ford on Thursday afternoon.

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The official suspicions have been expressed by what experts say they are the hard games. Ford and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe have played on the # agenda, requesting it to be expanded in writing to include oil prices and the agreed tax planned for carbon contamination.

According to the sources that were known to the dispute, were not allowed to & # 39; speaking in public, the abundance was not harassed by the federal answer that the agenda already has been invalidated; including debate on economic competitiveness – a broad theme that Ottawa says things they are happy.

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Moe confirmed in Wednesday's interview that "some of the problems, my own, with the address that the prime minister presents," which includes to & # 39; bringing several federal ministers against their ambitions on their campaigns.

He said he expects to build oil prices, carbon tax, pipers and repeat Bill C-69, which writes the regulations for environmental evaluations of energy projects.

"We would like to be in writing, confirming that we will consider those things. But it is certain that the main department in Saskatchewan will bring those things to the floor ( no doubt), "said Moe, saying he's not expecting her; left.

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Even the guest list for a pre-meeting dinner hosted by Trudeau on Thursday afternoon is now a matter of dispute. The fills praised that it was a private business for a & # 39; first ministers only, with one subscriber. The main agencies asked that each official person could be taken.

Most of a wonderful meeting?

This is his fourth meeting; His first minister on Trudeau has been host since he became a prime minister in 2015. And he is sure the worst thing is; there.

Since its first prime ministers met, the prime minister has replaced several of his constituent Liberal counterparts – Caitlin Wynne Ontario, Philippe Couillard, Quebec and Brian Gallant of New Brunswick.

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He is now looking at the phalanx of key conservation agencies, Blaine Higgs Ford, Moe, Manitoba and Brunswick New Brunswick have been involved in the court challenge for the federal carbon plane plan and one of them – Ford – has been regularly involved in conflict with the federal Liberals in general.

Initially, Trudeau at Premier NDP, Rachel, Notley, was supporting carbon price. But she published in the company last summer for failing to remove the Trans Mountain piping project off the ground and now it's a Try federal aid to reduce the discounted price. Alberta is obliged to accept her oil because he can not go to tidewater for a ferry abroad.

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She and Moe sent a letter Trudeau this week, asking for a meeting to be reviewed by their first ministers to " including the decline of oil, which they argue to cost the country $ 80 million a day.

And Notley impeded his cell phone; federal government prefers interprovincial trading barriers.

"We are likely to have discussions about small business issues inside and then when I have the opportunity to speak, I say," Well, there is one big question in terms of our business about to & # 39; Get our product from one department to another country and to other markets and indeed worth 100 of those other issues, "said Tuesday.

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Trudeau Wednesday said he looks forward to "talking about anything that the priorities for talking."

"I look forward to a wide range of debates on what it is as a priority," he said on his way into the House of Commons. "Including oil, indeed. Natural resources are an integral part of our economy."

"We'll talk about that too."

Notley, Moe and a number of other key agencies, including Stephen McNeil, Dwight Ball and Labrador at Nova Scotia and Labrador Nova Scotia also want to talk about Bill C-69, federal legislation -the party was involved in the Synod and who would; setting conditions more rigorous for the environment of evaluations of energy projects. Criticists keep up to date; Creating more red tape and failure in project agreements that scare potential investors.

"We look for clarity about the C-69 Bill," said a Member in an interview, saying he is in a position; creating uncertainty in his continental continental oil and mineral industries.

"We know that the management system can be a constraint to drag investment".

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In a similar way, Biggs said he wants to talk about the revival of his East Energy piping formula. left, TransCanada last year abandoned, naming control bumpings and changes.

The Quebec headquarters François Legault, at the same time, says he wants to talk about the ongoing US tarrages on Canadian steel and aluminum and compensation for dairy farmers despite the new NAFTA. In a Wednesday statement, he also stated that he expects to grant Quebec's request for compensation payments to cover the costs of non-governmental reserves and to emphasize Ottawa on the " long and longer "taken to address Quebec files.

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Pallister Manitoba is one of the smallest who seems to want to make progress by breaking interprovincial trade barriers – barriers he has said to go to; set a seven per cent target on goods that are regional boundaries.

"I think it's time to be struggling," said Wednesday.

That said, Pallister also said that the meeting needs to be limited to some important economic issues, including oil prices.

His first minister will be meet for two hours with Indigenous leaders on Friday morning before continuing up behind closed hours for six hours with Trudeau.

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