The meetings of the judges with Mynar and Zeman did not threaten independence; judgment, agreement of the sub-committee


The House Sub-Committee on Justice has reached a decision after today's meeting that independence of the High Court and Higher Court were not; Constitutional Court is at risk by contacting the & # 39; President Milos Zeman and Chancellor Vratislav Mynář, according to the statements of the previously invited judges. At the same time, the sub-committee recommended that the efforts to influence the work of their judiciary should be reported to their court leaders and that the officer should stop any procedures to do causes suspicion of trying to influence judges. For the purpose, the sub-committee voted unanimously according to its chairman Pavel Blažek (ODS).

The sub-committee has justice for justice, with suspicion of the effects the judges may have in the castle, to deal with the previous week. At that time, Senator Mynar and Judge Josef Bax and Vojtěch Šimíček spoke at the hearing.

In today's mission in response to the judges' certification, the Sub Committee stated that court independence was not in place. He also suggested that "the activity should stop any action that might come to the conclusion that the judges' conclusions affect special life issues where there is power director acts as a party to the dispute, except for legal modes that have been assessed. "

In addition, the sub-committee recommended that "judges, including court officers, should make any effort to influence the activity of their judgment with the senior executive, officer, whether they are right or right, inform their seat chairs and official registration of those actions, ".

Blazek said after a meeting today that the sub-committee will meet again "in the weeks". Accordingly, it invites the Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Court or the Landlords Court. Arrangements will be more general and not "questioned". Blazek does not handle her & # 39; a question about the possible efforts to influence his / her judge to participate; castle.

Comparison of the High Administrative Court, Baxa, compared to the statements made by President Milos Zeman last week as the court decided to put three university professors appointed for exchange exchange. Baxa said that Zeman was recommending again in his private conversations that he could be chairman of her. Constitutional Court. The Myman said that Zeman did not know Baxa with his thoughts and that Bax's claims were not really true.

The Mynar argued that he had "consulted" with Zeman's representation with constitutional judges, including Šimíček, for the preservation of the president of the law. Baxa and Simice persuaded, on the other hand, that they had no reluctance, no objections or threats.

Zeman had previously opposed the definitions of the links as badly bad for the judges, and his proposition was to express his opinion. Senator Václav Láska (SEN 21) sent a criminal complaint last year to Mynara with suspicion of imposing the independence of the court.

Video: Zeman told me that I need to work with his judge, Baxa

Zeman said he could think of me as chairman of the Constitutional Court. It works in style, I will give you the job, you will give me the right decision, says Baxa.

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