The Merval Register of Argentinian stock falls to 20 companies in the first quarter of 2019


Stock index Merval of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires Stock has been reduced to 20 companies, from the previous 24, as made for the first season of 2019, recite Pocaichean and Margaidean Argentine (ByMA).

Reconfiguration of stock results is renewed every three months on the basis of the companies that have the highest glazing in the past semester.

The new Merval grid is the following:


Galicia Group Finance 17.58%
Petrobras Brazil Petrol 9.07%
Supervielle Finance 8.56%
Macro Bank Banking 8.13%
YPF Petrol 7.29%
Pampa Energy Energy 7.18%
Main Port Energy 4.85%
ByMA Finance 4.46%
Transp. South gas Energy 3.71%
Aluar Steel industry 3.53%
Transener Energy 3.52%
Keep yourself Steel industry 3.48%
Ternium Steel industry 3.30%
Values ​​Group Finance 3.00%
Bank of France Money 2.58%
Transp. North Gas Solution 2.13%
Edenor Solution 2.13%
Cablevision Central 1.98%
Mirgor Autoparts 1.83%
Commercial del Plata Leisure 1.70%

Exchange Stock Argentine also has a common market index index, prepared on the basis of all registered companies and that that works regularly.

There are two other indexes that are updated every quarter: the Merval Argentina, which are the companies of local capital companies, and the Merval 25, which is made up of a set number of companies.

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