The Merval S & P came forward with 1% driven by energy companies (climb up to 6.2%)


Main index S & P Merval of Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) was an advanced 1% and again more than 37,000 points (closed at 37,023.74 units), look again for its highest historic value of 37,562.08 units, recorded on 6 February.

Papers Pampa Energy guide the advances, jumping 6.2%. It is also the second largest share of the day ($ 64.3 million) after Grupo Financiero Galicia ($ 98.4 million).

The podium was completed by actions South Gas Transporter (+ 5.1%); and Central Puerto (+ 3.7%).

Pampa's resources were "silent" for a while and were not with the rest of their activities; lead panel in January. "The latest release on the display shows a gas production record", he told him Rafael Di Giorno, Director of Investment Investment. With this Monday upgrade, PAMP is the most popular in February (+ 10.7%), and in the year it is a 26% increase (it is already the highest fifth in 2019).

Main Port, for it, the only companies with funding and "encouraging" from the owners to introduce offers for more megawatts, in the market.

"For Ensenada de Barragán Life Rescue Reserve, the CEPU offered for US $ 280 million and for Brigadier López Thermoelectric Power Conservation, for US $ 165 million." The context in which the investment in energy significantly enhances Vaca Muerta and there are not so many companies behind to apply for more proficiency, investors believe CEPU receives these applications "Di Giorno explained.

Key problems included, then, the oil department offices emerged, with the decrease identified in international oil prices (It was compounded by the uncertainty about the outcome of the Sino-SA discussions, which fail to cause a fear of cruelty more than the demand). So, Petrobras Brazil (-1.6%) decreased; Aluar (-1.3%); and YPF (-1.2%).

The rise of local stock exchange increased within a larger climate discretion, and low down (18% fell to $ 487 million), because it is related, according to the jobs, more "wait and see" since the revival at the beginning of the year was more accurate. There were 56 walks, 25 casualties and 10 unchanged sections per day.

"The regional equity department is increasingly disturbed without being able to explain its movement, and again the development of a small business environment", explained an analyst. Another, at the same time, explained the reasons for the weakness of the local market during the visit: "The effects of options are taken to be & # 39; decline. "

Fixed income and rural risk

In the fixed income sector, on the other hand, the main dollars in a dollar, are mentioned in pesos, They closed with most of the advantages, in a wheel accessible for a large exchange rate (it came to mid-morning, but then it lost strength and closed at $ 37.91, the day is low but 6 cents are over Friday's closure).

The Bon 2024 received 0.5%; Cow 2020, 0.1%, as the Dcounted under Argentine lawa. The 2037 Bonar was above the increase, with a 1.4% jump.

Then, the devastating territories that were expressed in funding by a majority of casualties ended up, marked the decline of its destruction, centennial ban (-1.1%).

In contrast, the Lecaps operated at between 34 and 35%, and Leliqs rup appeared at an average level of 45.15% (-110 bps).

In this framework, there is a danger in the Argentinian country, which is the JP Morgan's measure, rising Five units at 679 points.

And the CDS (current counter insurance) closed 5 years at 645 points, after operating under 600 units at the start of the month.

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