The Mexican Mexican Senator decided to return to Chile "Comandante Emilio"


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in London on Monday the decision of the headquarters to be called "Emilio", Raúl Julio Escobar Poblete, a citizen of Chile, who was arrested from being Murder of the Grandfather Jaime Guzmán, to be at # 39; Edwards' Christian robbery and various crimes committed in the Aztec country.

"Today, Raúl" N "National Chile was announced within the Federal Center for Social Translation No. 12" CPS-GUANAJUATO ", with a residence in the Municipality of Ocampo, State of Guanajuato, the Agreement with which the United States government issued its translation of international translation to the Republic of Chile, to be suspended by the Second Chamber of Justice Court of Chile, for terrorist attack crime and as a result of the death of Senate Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz, taking place on April 1, 1991 in the city of Santiago, "said the Aztec canceler.

The decision of the various authorities, despite its first time to refuse to re-allocate to Chilean, based on "the important and legal aspects of a Special Area Judgment in the Criminal Offending Criminal System System of Federal Criminal Justice Center in the Guanajuato State, who considered that the balance is appropriate because the Chinese government was complying with all the requirements set out in the Distribution Contract which both countries were signed on 2 October 1990. In addition, he said that the person who was washed out was not human rights at any time. "

Meagsago and its Foreign Ministry said that the Chinese government was enthusiastic and offered to every warrant, so "the death penalty would not be put into the defendant, repealed in that country, and a prison of life will not be executed in accordance with what was agreed in the two-dimensional contract ".

In addition to what has happened with the secretary of Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who has received diplomatic disbanders in France, Escobar Poblete will continue to sweat in Chile.

"With such actions, the Mexican government makes it clear that its international commitments have a legitimate legal co-operation, to reduce the areas that cause it to be which impedes the prosecution of the criminal criminals, "said the laptop Media statement.

Chile's Economic Minister, Roberto Ampuero, spoke through his Twitter account about Aztec's decision, in these words:

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