The MiA singer was celebrating the glass on the glass day, water polo with water


Monday, 26/11/2018 18:31 PM (GMT + 7)

At the water temperature, MiA's fiancé also had to go into the house of the girl.

Recently, MiA's female singer – the girl who contributed significantly to the audience in the "familiar word" show, made a lot of friends, the audience was surprised when they put a picture to the right countryside on human fish.

Although he does not publish information about the ritual, many of the singer's colleagues welcomed him and her; Looking forward to getting a & # 39; wedding card in the days ahead.

The MiA singer was celebrating the market on the day of the glass, flood women - 1

Share MiA suddenly at his interview where photos were taken at home in Vinh Long.

According to some nearby sources, the MiA question was held on November 25 in private homes in Vinh Long, which is also the time the southern regions suffered and the west of deep water, Depth No 9. So, MiA does not have a fun day out of the wind and the water, it also needs to go through the road that floods enter to your daughter's house.

In a live meeting with fans a few days ago, MiA said once she went home to her sister's fèis. It is not frightening to return to the busy family. cleaning, preparing for a happy "sister" day.

The singer MiA celebrated the sale on the day of the glass, water polo with water - 2

Boys need to go through the road that is flooded during a storm of water into the house of the girl.

However, compared to the singer's opinion, in the commentary section, many obscene observers and questioning were: "But I heard that MiA is the girl who is going to end," "She's a happy birthday but not her sister", … Given the questions from the listeners, the voice from the "familiar face" just smiled but does not share anything else.

MiA, Dang Thi Tuyet Trinh, is a real name, born in 1991. She was remembered by spectators when she participated in "The Face", "The Remix" and a young musician, lively like R & B, Dance, powerful dance together. She was a student "Naughty" Ngo Thanh Van before he disguised his actions and launched many MVs as "terrible".

The MiA singer was celebrating the festival on the day of cleanliness, and water in the water - 3

MiA is a singing singer, seductive.

The MiA singer sang the glass day, and water in the water - 4

It was pulled by the listeners when she was participating in her / her; "Word I'm familiar" program.

Hundreds of people were around Ngoc Son

"King of the music" also stated that a storm storm stopped when he made a charity.

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