The Minister announced the Authority! 8 buildings at risk will be demolished


Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya fell the ruins of the building building where the ruin ruins of the Minister for Environment and Towns, 4 day search and rescue activities were carried out, and remembered the whole area around the building sank, he said.

In the study of 10 buildings around the collapsed building, the Group said that they were in a position. carrying out risk analysis. "Within the framework of this survey, there are two buildings outside the Ihsan Apartment and Damascus Apartment building. We have met the owners of those 8 buildings. We will eliminate these buildings in the process and will carry out a project- urban change across the area. " We need the message. "he said.

Freedom will be granted lease support as a ministry and construction will be carried out by TOKI Institution:

"We also note the Yunus Apartment by getting the needs of our citizens hard and we will demolish today. In the Fourth Orhantepe Kartal, our citizens can apply their applications in relation to dangerous buildings both to Alo 181 and to our departmental departmental directorate. We will establish a communications office here. Our regulator is the relevant units of our ministry. We will make a process This is a way that our victims do not tolerate, and we will deliver our strong and reliable homes to our customers as soon as possible.

Both the Yunus Apartment and the other rooms in the rooms reminded of the meeting that reminded the institution, this process that other mothers are not crying, other quarries were trying to do to settle down a fast pace.

The Ministry of Environment and Landlands said that they are enthusiastic about this issue, "By detecting all the buildings we need to demolish, if we need to demolish it, If we need to strengthen it, we will be warned at an enrichment period. Applications relating to our citizenship ministry can be made. " he said.

"If citizens have dangerous buildings"

Minister of the Institute, calling on the citizens, "If they have dangerous buildings to decide their decision. Our state, our ministry, President of our & # 39; make all types of support within the guidelines framework.

Yunus Apartment, the destruction that will be made today, which shows that the center, "police and a brigade officer collect the jewelry in the house to join our citizens. We allow you to take your personal business quickly. We keep track of the property against potential hazards. Required tools will be demolished next to the end, within 1-2 hours. "used phrases.

"Concrete strength is much lower than the new rule"

On the inquiry into the inquiry that was set up after the fall of Apartment Yesilyurt, the Commission provided the following information:

The concrete examples are very low in a concrete class. We see marine shortages and seagulls with our eyes. The iron used in particular is a deficiency in the strength point. Our patients have taken their emissions from the base of the building to their roof, and they will Doing the exams, as a result of these tests, our expert committee will report and the Procurator Fiscal will make the process in line with this report. we will comment. "

Kartal Orhantepe Neighborhood minister A "addressing the citizens," If you have a dangerous building, you think we have our credit without certifying it for free. – if you need it, the whole range can run this project. Our state is ready for help at this time. " he said.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Ministry of Environment and Regions and the Government of the Republic said that the Government of Istanbul Government provided all types of rented support to move, and that the citizens This information from the Volunteer Liaison Office.

To move to their host hosting process in hospitals, she said. The group would give this support to the end of the move.

Regarding their question on how to handle the destruction of Yunus Apartment, the Commission said that the felling was done in a way that does not harm the nearby properties.

Yunus has 1 strong building next to the Apartment, saying that the others are at the risk of the Commission, "We will destroy it in a way that does not harm it. We may have reasons that are not. Our purpose is to & # 39; to achieve a process without damaging. " he said.

"A new process will be launched in urban transformation"

Governor Ali Yerlikaya was yesterday, 76. Once after he reminded Şeyma Kambur and his two children were taken away from the shipwreck, "The Minister of the West, Inside, "We are think someone else is under the grief, but we will continue with this work until the research and rescue work is completed. "At 14.30, research and rescue tasks were officially completed under the AFAD coordination.

Yerlikaya remembers that 21 people lost their lives and 14 people were injured in the fallen building:

"We want all our compassion to be in heaven, not to be our leader in our country. We pray that we will return to our people faster." Under the direction of the Grandmother Minister, under the direction of Yunus Apartment, safely removed, in terms of emergency security in relation to the materials that are important to them under the direction of a brigade, led by our police.

Yunus Apartment and community residents together, citizens of the dangerous list came to consult with Yerlikaya, words, "Dear God, this community begins from our Neighborhood in Istanbul, just as President of any place, nothing will do the same, there are important lessons we need to get out of here, "he said. A new process will be started here in urban transformation, and we will be our followers and government implementation, and our continuing process here. finished.

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