The Minister is committed to reviewing a description of terrorist threats after the Liberal Party has been able to; worrying about the Sikh border report


Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Friday would have his officials to review his & her; language they are using in & # 39; mentions terrorist threats, after they stopped criticizing a report that suggested Canada was at risk from Sikh boundaries.

Some of these shoes came from his own interior, as the Liberal Member said that Sikh's violence could be reported as a result of the Canadian Public Security terrorist threat report.

Goodale stopped that there was no promise of such an activity, although he stated that some of the terms of the report had been mistaken. Government officials did not mean to & # 39; promised Sikhs or any other religious or religious organization, he said.

"But words of relevance and specific issues," said the minister after a lecture in Toronto. "So I have invited all my officials and the others they work across Canada to explore the descriptions used in terrorism and disagreement and violence to ensure that these descriptions are appropriate and correct.

"We need to be careful about the language."

Earlier on Friday, Randeep Sarai's Liberal Party gave the unusual step to send a Sikh terrorist comment from the annual report, saying there is no evidence that there is such a danger in Canada and that it is quietly described calmly, 600,000 strong community.

The ball for B.C. in Surrey Center in a letter to Goodale after two days of emotional response to the document from the Sikh community that was politically important.

The Challenging Conservatives and the NDP have also queried the reference.

Sarai – who was confused when inviting a Sikh chamberlain convicted on a Prime Minister's visit to India – saying that he did a detailed analysis of his & # 39 ; paper and could not get any evidence to include Sikh boundaries as one of the reasons facing this country.

The direct announcement does not mention Air India's bombing since 1985 – the worst invasion in Canada – and its revitalizing dark times for the community, he writes to Goodale.

"Since 1985, when I was 10 years old, I saw how Sikhs in Canada had to stigmatize extremist Sikhs," said Sarai. "The students were arrested, people were refused to work … Finally, after 30 years, these words stopped on our newspapers, and Sikh Canadians saw just Canadians, whatever who was on their heads. "

First Minister Justin Trudeau stands next to Rand Randeep Sarai, Surrey Center, just in a white turban, for a group at The Golden Temple at Amritsar, India Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

MAIN CANADA / Sean Kilpatrick

He asks Goodale to "immediately" remove the "Sikh (Khalistani) Extremism" chief of the report, and continue to say that changes should be made to ensure that Any other organization, Sikh or other in the future will be marked by; race case in a fragile report.

A section of the Canadian Public Safety annual report on the country's terrorist threats to list "extremism Islamic Sunni" and "extreme extremism" followed by "Sikh (Khalistani) extremism". Sikh's diversity in previous years has not been mentioned.

The 2018 report notes that, although there are beautiful activities; Supporting an independent Sikh country (Khalistan) in India has dropped since the 1980s when terrorists bombed Air India's aircraft, killed 331 people, "supporting the real commitments of such aggregates. For example, in Canada, two main Sikh groups, Babbar Khalsa International and the International Sikh Youth Federation have been identified as a tie to terrorism and hosting terrorist units listed under the Criminal Code. "

Sarai added his voice to the number of Sikh leaders this week, who said that legal activity in support of the cause of dissatisfaction in any way is a danger or a mark of serious decline.

"If you do not do it to hate or violence, people are all right to believe in different differences or movements," wrote the MP.

Sarai resigned as chairman of the Liberal Democrats and Pacific, and took an apology after inviting Jaspal Atwal – a member of a Sikh divisional group convicted of a " attempting to murder Indian petitioner advocate and attack against B.C. politician Ujjal Dosanjh, – to join this year's Prime Minister Trudeau's bungled tour.

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh, who is also a Sikh course, said in Thursday that every type of insight has a great deal, and to " Focusing on women in Toronto and Muslims in Quebec City.

"Liberal's public safety report does not do this – but it causes fear or any evidence of a dangerous, dangerous and dangerous Sikh community," he said to the lack of a Toronto Toronto attack and mosque mosque murders.

The government should explain in detail why it included Sikh extremism as a threat to "from anywhere," or amend the report, said Matthew Dube , the NDP public safety inspector.

Conservative Member Garnett Genuis also urged the government to provide more information to protect the report.

"Sism & extremism of Sikhism and other" extremisms "without context or evidence are an irrelevant way for the government to communicate on a reliable case," he said on Twitter.

(Updated 12:10 story to include NDP and Conservative ideas; 3:55 updated to include Goodale comments; update at 4:30 to participate in Sarai's role in Jaspal Atwal affair.)

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