The Minister of Transport advocated more areas for fast-speed rail


The Minister for Transport proposes additional conditions for fast-speed rail - Photograph 1Shinkansen Expressway in Japan. Photograph: Long Ly.

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The name is that this is a major project in the country and is in the final phase of completed research. submitted to the Government.

He asked the Tedi-Tricc-Tedisouth partnership and agencies involved in the study of different situations, such as the investment in front of their infrastructure, and cutting the way and analyzing its & # 39; impact on the company. the railway industry.

"Why is this report different from previous surveys, we need to make a comprehensive report, compare and analyze the options, answer the questions. Experts, ministries, areas of level investment, data and efficiency. project, "stressed the Minister.

Transport directors also managed the councilors to clarify the impact of 23 stations on the fast rail to local development, as well as other sectors and economic services.

Previously, on November 12th, the Ministry of Transport held a list of consultants' list to publish the final report on the feasibility study of the document; south-south rail project at the south end of the south. This partnership praised the construction of a new large railway line parallel to the railway line; already; The maximum operating speed is 320 km per hour. Its first installment is 50% of the ticket, the highest ticket is 75% of the fare.

In the first phase of 2020-2030, the project will be implemented by Ha Hai – Vinh and Ho Chi Minh City – Nha Trang. The second part of 2030-2045 influences the Vinh – Nha Trang section to tie all the way. In terms of design solutions, the consultation commented on the majority of its & # 39; Using railway bridges along with a tunnel (which accounts for about 70%), the land is about 30%.

The total stock estimate is 58.71 billion USD (and USD 24.71 billion is first-rate, 34 billion USD million are second).

It is anticipated that the rapid rail project will be going to the Government in December and will be sent to the National Assembly for comments in October 20119.

According to UNION LOAN / Vnexpress

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