The Ministry of Public Security has 1 general, not more than 157 subsidiary of the Society


Article 25 of the law determines that the highest position for official position is: General with the Minister for Public Security; The General Lieutenant is Deputy Minister for Public Security, a number not exceeding 6; General Lieutenant, with the number not exceeding 35, including: head of department, headteacher and equal to the Unions under the Ministry of Public Security … The police chief of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have also been commissioned by lieutenants.

The law also complies that there are a maximum of 157 at a & # 39; brigadier. Among them, the regional divisional department leader or middle-seat city is designated as a regional 1 level administrative unit and the most important, complex security, order, large area, large number, but it is no longer than 11.

Thanh Nam

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