The Minnesota “Gocho” teacher


Martín Pérez has been better on the hills, with advice from Santana

VICEE VÁSQUEZ ANATO | CARACAS.- Even though he reached his thumb at the time Minnesota Twins no cost to shoulder, t Johan Santana He has led the launch of several “guides”, which Venezuelan also stands out Martín Pérez.

No responsibility to bring in assistants to double-soldiers t the "Gocho" He has been with the team for a number of days, and his advice is starting to produce fruit as the co-ordinator has shown a good opportunity in the presentation meetings.

Pérez has been given “mystery” of Santana who won two times the prize Cy Young (04 and 06), including that its line has been much faster than the last quarter.

'Before I used only my arms. Now, I use my entire body and everyone can see the results, "said the crystal to LasMayores, which logs 97mph by delivering quickly, and by 2018 93 miles per hour.

Additionally, Santana, along with the coach of Wes Johnson, has helped Perez develop his equipment.

“I'm working. I'm very excited.” He said. "It has been a while because I feel this is healthy. This year will be a fantastic result," he finished Venezuelan.

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