The "Miracle Twin" Pokémon is a brand new GameFreak and Nintendo brand


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Only two weeks depart from the launch of the market. Pokémon Take me! Pikachu & Eeve, the first adaptation of a play of subtitles to & # 39; voting to reach and the two-fuel system of the final consultation of Nintendo, Switch.

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With the success of worldwide-wide sales, the companies behind behind their successful brand may be able to. including materials such as card, anime and manga games to plan the official news about their competing game for a handy, after-to-day console; The first time of communication outside the official "canan".

According to the portal JapaneseNintendoIt would be the same "A Pokémon Company", a company created by Nintendo Co., The Landscapes Co and Freak Player Inc who recorded a few days ago regarding the intellectual rights of Japan, a new banner related to the license.

It would be about it Pokémon "Miracle Twin", a new title related to related products that would directly associate the video company and promotional products. This encryption can be run by the platform to be the starting point of its & # 39; game ending until the end of 2019 and, although confirmed, it has not yet been named.

However, according to other sources, it is also considered that a & # 39; This brand should be closely linked to the inter-commercial card game Pokémon, were they selling advertising packets that are going on? including figures and art as it was made in general.


Editing: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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