The mobile army actor Bullet Girls Fantasia & 39; PS4, download the version of the PS PSita Korean and reduce the download price


H-to-Interactive announced that they sold PS4 and PS Vita packets and priced it for investing in the Korean version of Pharaoh's Bullet girls, a military action shoemaker, to an official 27,500 winning today ( Tuesday 28).

It is Bullet Girls Fantasia; the latest series in the series of The Military Action Games that feature beautiful girls' stories from the school's “Rangers” cycle, which was set up for training purposes. Although the previous series was a backdrop of Hyundai Academy, the work expanded globally and used modern weapons such as rifles and guns as well as worldly weapons such as swords and implements. magic against oak and monsters It is possible to fight.

Unlike the previous game where the player had played the only battle, the friend, who helped the player for the first time in the series, has been able to play with t other characters, and he can place the tanks or armored vehicles in the field to destroy the enemy. In addition, when an enemy invokes an enemy in battle, the physical strength is reduced. Also, if the damage is damaged, clothing in the fragile area will be destroyed, and if the fabric is destroyed. to destroy it

It is the mode of the series, 'Interrogation Special & # 39; a method which tries to subdue your enemy or annoy enemies by accepting that you have been arrested by an enemy. tIt is possible to steal enemies by using different objects such as guns t water and milk are rounded. Depending on the parts used in the question, the character abated is based on the change to the psychological state and hence the sentence of the question and answer.

Views of girls color the nurture

Publishing system with a view behind the skirt between the girls showing a color action.

The girls' beauty will be in different situations, like scratches, avoidance of emergency, melee or stunning progress.

A repairing system provides all items

The girl's clothes will be spoiled gradually when they attacked. The stability of arms, chest, center and all is, and when attacked and sustainability, the livelihood of girls is revealed by steering them. Uniforms, as well as armor and lobster, kill off any uniform, and panties and bra are ripped apart when they lose stability.

As a companion,

Sometimes, as well as monsters, there are times when you have to fight for girls of this world. Girls in this world, like monsters, use their modern weapons as a life-threatening monster. They fight and fall, understand, and become companions. Watch the interviewee's quiz and ask the girls of this world to collaborate.

360I can turn any area around to think about it

The Ranger, a training tradition that might stop being questioned by enemy, can be used to train girls using different scenarios and objects.

You can do two specific questions by supporting a 'Double Interrogation', which questions two people at the same time as one questioning one. We train some girls with using objects like a water gun, oden, and yuyu.

It is also possible to identify girls' weaknesses by using the image as a change in its own image which may be freely changed.

Will have the will; and challenge gallery positions

Based on the combination of the questioned girl and the topic of selected questioning, the method will be applied at the beginning of questioning. Oh, the way the girls question is asked is deeper and the amount of questioning is double.

In addition, if a gallery is identified before the questioning begins, the examination will take place as long as the galleries are located close to the object. Although not particularly involved in exploring, it is possible to add more galleries, such as mourning or motivating a girl to be asked, to set up different situations.

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