The moon is associated with Mars tonight in the amazement of the stark eye


The sky in the Arabian area appears in the sky, the moon near Mars "Red Planet" in the wing of the sky in the wonders of a wicked eye, Mars is expected to return to is closest to Earth in October the next year 2020.

The Earth is known to take one year for a tour of the sun, and Mars has two years in 2018 last year, which is reported in the Jeddah Astronomy Society.

The report revealed that Mars was weakening compared to the period from 7 July to 7 September 2018 when Jupiter overtook the fourth brightest body after the sun, moon and Venus in a rare incident. T Repeat that in 2035 to put that scene unrivaled, Mars is a bright red light but it is not like the starry star in the desert. t.

Like the moon, Mars moves to the east in the air in front of starry but not worse than the moon. At the end of the month, Mars goes round 3 points south of the chandelier envelope and two weeks later he will be about 7 degrees north on the Debran star in the middle of next April..

Shortly after that, Mars will disappear from the night, where his sun will be lying between the ground and the red planet in preparation for the migration of modern skies. .

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