The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas


But analyzes have a good knowledge of those who are frightened that they need to give their work in a future or even robot – a "human" message is always spent.

Dean of Business Governance of the prestige of the Technical University Vilnius Gediminas. Jelena Stankevičienė is sure that long-term builders, electricians, mechanics or chefs are required. "Current presentations for future jobs are particularly crucial, however, people's habits are changing much slower. For the next twenty years, these posts will definitely continue. hand work longer, "she said.

In the list of professional careers – 21

According to J. Stankevičienė, its job market is digitalized, information technology (IT) is a & # 39; Take over the actions that take place in each post, and robots have a & # 39; happening. The service process is automatically provided so that the final user can do everything independently. For example, online banking (you do not have to go to bank to pay, transfer or retrieve money, change money – the user can go to a website; bank) or insurance (the user will create data and the algorithm offers its best offer).

These similar elements of digitization are expanded in each post, even with the tutor, when the training content is entered into the electronic space. The learner can learn individually, algorithms and technologies that fulfill the achievement of the learner and change the content of learning for their / her needs.

The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas

"Each professional post must be prepared for a specific level of digitization. There is a growing need for professionals who are fully aware of their area and can make specific procedures to do so; briefly, "said the spokesman.

The Future of Work Center, a Cognizant search center in the US published last year an expanded list of 21 future appointments, which describes a risk officer for equipment such as Haptic Interface Programmer (Car Flying Advisor) Engine Risk Officer), Cyber ​​Calamity Breaker, and so on.

But Cognizant researchers decide how technology will affect its & # 39; labor market and changing our future, we – people – always want to "human" communication in each work.

"So, some individual features and skills will be needed for a long time to come. For example, the ability to change to a group, the ability to change to changing situations, sympathy, confidence, creativity, imagination, and more valuable workforce flexibility than ever before, "said the professor.

Technology will make less work

What are the opportunities to find out the "exotic" posts in Lithuania? "Each occupation has logical thinking skills, IT knowledge and programming skills. As a need to grow, on the one hand, has a good knowledge of professionalism and its range, on the other hand to enable the conversion of ICT technologies by automating individual processes. Experience, Financial Technology (FinTech), and so on is increasingly popular at a cross of the post.

The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas

Lithuanian and global higher education institutions respond to their needs; labor market. Authoritative scientists are those changes. Due to the research, their ideas, their creative ideas and innovations and technological developments. The University is always the principal "today – in the laboratory, tomorrow – in the center" today, the professor is doing advanced research, and yesterday It is taught to students. Universities already provide research programs that experts only bring to the staff market within a few years. Oxford University, for example, invites the Blockchain Strategy Program, the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in 2018. Starting a degree in financial technology (FinTech).

And what skills is it now offering training, so that it is not difficult to find out in the future, for example, to a weather manager? Basic knowledge is always important – ability to read, write, count. IT literacy is also important.

"Many areas of work can be done over automated systems, but social skills will always be needed to facilitate easy communication with others: conflict settlement, intercultural relationships, emotional information," said J. Stankevičienė.

It is particularly important to learn the ability to acquire new knowledge throughout life. And now university programs are trying to teach students independently, to set their own learning goals, to choose the strategies and correct learning approaches, to achieve learning outcomes, to Think about how to develop further development of its & # 39; process of self-learning.

The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas

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"I think this is the most important skill created during the exams," the communicator was completed. – Technological advances, I believe that there will be a good change on its. labor market, reduced employment and more time for our activities.

Compared to the 19th century, the normal working day was reduced to 8 hours. Some countries, such as Sweden, have been trying for 6 hours on two years. This has a positive impact, staff have more energy, they were happier, and were less likely to work due to illness and were more beneficial. Therefore, the use of technology in its job market allows us to do more of our best activities. "

Alfa generator will have a living communication problem

In the 2030s, the alpha generation will come to their labor market – the people known as being born or born in 2011-2025. They are also called a glass generation, because electronic devices are the display of their main contact.

"This time we can only speak a theory but scientists can find that problem-solving skills and their ability to communicate with their peers are crucial challenges," the warning caution "New schools are already trying to change according to changing learning needs – providing extraordinary content, to offer smaller textbooks, to use electronic devices to share information in the" classroom, to use interactive learning tools. "

The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas

In this context, special promotion of human communication, life and emotional mental development is particularly important. If you have previously developed these abilities, you need to pay more attention to generating alpha generation.

And if the teenager is not interested in robots, but, for example, how to make a tree? How do you combine with your pastimes, abilities and the need to & # 39; live in the job market? "It will be important for each country to maintain its national identity all the time. It always wants craftwork, hand-made materials," said Stankevičienė, speaker for his blog. – Such "more accurate" jobs will be viewed as creating unique unit materials. This is also supported by "green green" spending trends. It is becoming increasingly popular in order to solve large product and consumer products. "

In the opinion, it will take a long time for handmade – builders, electricity, mechanics, plumbers, chefs. "Current presentations for future jobs are particularly crucial, however, people's habits are changing much slower. For the next twenty years, these posts will definitely continue. manual work further, "said the spokesman.



In all, ask her to be ready to take up innovative technologies and use them well, to create the basic literacy skills that will create a personality base, but whatever technology is advanced , social skills are always considered.

Even for priests, the strategies will not grow

Millions of pages on the internet contain a smaller or lesser repetition of the proposed changes in the & # 39; labor market. The Future of Jobs report on the World Economic Forum says that jobs can be reduced with a maximum of 5 million jobs next year due to demographic change and technological advances. A total of 7.1 million can be lost. jobs, and most of them managed.

An analysis published two or two years ago showed that a third of the tasks were about 60 per cent. Occupations (law, telemarketing, fast food) can be a computer. True, this does not mean that technologies will eliminate one or the others. The same lines are called a Luddite error, which remembers how the nineteenth century textile workers destroyed the fabrics of knitting machines, asking them to take away jobs. On the other hand, the development of technology has just created more jobs. Over the last 60 years, there has been an automation to abolish the same position as the promoter.

Priest, Bible

Priest, Bible

Futurists promise a clear future for three areas. One person's work requires interesting creativity, such as being an artist, a scientist, and his / her. creating business strategies. Another man creates complex relationships between people, for example, between nursing and patients. The third one includes jobs where there are situations that are unlikely to be frequent, such as medical injury.

Indeed, in a later perspective, not only not only "dangerous", but also "safe" positions tend to be re-trained but re-training. So, it is recommended not to & # 39; suffering from long-term job prospects. Because computers appear to have looked like & # 39; instead of presbyterian's future, it is not quite clear. In the long term, we can even confess with a machine such as Confession.

Some will contribute a verse for life …

The number of the best jobs for 2020 and beyond is named by a number of 51 posts. Sun and wind power technologies, home health services and personal care professionals among those who have a clear future are at least 2026. In the first 15, Most of the work is closely related to health, but statistics, maths and … are mentioned in cyclists. Thereafter, there are drummers and distributors, 3D printing technologies, more realistic developers, real-life photographers, personal privacy and personal brand development, urban agriculture experts.

Stop stop frame

Stop stop frame

The remaining non-yet-emerging professions are listed next to them. For example, a personal learning advisor or a campaigner that causes their work causes a little disturbance to creativity, innovation, co-operation and risk-taking.

In short, physical part-makers, microwave, brain gestures to / from computer science experts, corporate fuels and landowner managers, cyborg designers, celebrity robots – android relatives, hologar image creators , renowned transport transportation co-ordinators, space tourism guidance and physicians spatialization, species of renovation.

The most advanced jobs in the next year: a clear future commitment in three areas

Perhaps the most spectacular thing was to be at the end of the day. As the "logo" of personality is becoming more important in our culture and economy, many people may want to be able to; organize their own organization well before the end of their lives. This can be important, not just for a unique indirect but also for people who have chosen euthanasia.

… Others move to the time

Not only do the skills required – creativity, critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem solving, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), SMAC (social, movement, analysis, cloud) are important in the world market in the future, but also people as foreigners with robots of relationships, sympathy, listening ability, as well as elasticity mind (ability to think more widely, see the whole, and " restoring everything "because it needs to deal with unprecedented problems).

The robot will be marked by the robot

The robot will be marked by the robot

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Education Crimson, a New Zealand-born education enterprise, provides the following list of professional professional appointments: Waste Engineer, Other Energy Adviser, Earthquake Printer, Health Mentor, Organ Parts Creator / Body, Memory Surgeon, Special Productivity, Special Safety Safety House Specialist, coachine expert, commercial aircraft to room pilot.

The list can be expanded: Editor of Integrated Methods, Agroecologist, Wildlife Reformer, Culture Initiative Ambassador, Robot Adviser, Seesthetist, Training Standards Officer, Digital Memory Speaker, Simple Analyzer and Simplified & # 39; business simplification. Those who wish to be longing can already prepare for their future work. In a world of robot and robot information, older people want to return to youth, so people may be on the side re-create space, & # 39; find music or media. So, it is now capable of gathering special features.

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