The most expensive Christmas tree in Europe has already been sold


The creators are known as the most expensive Christmas tree in Europe. A gold company in Munich, Pro Aurum, has built a 2018 gold medal tuller with a very good star, which is in line with the company worth more than USD 2.6 million.


At the earliest start, they may be similar to the aluminum-connected cotton moors that are most commonly used; Christmas holiday decoration, but Gold Aurum Benjamin Summa, Gold Distributor, said that it was very clear and very real.

"Its value is a special Christmas tree, made with one gold gold medal from the Philharmonic Vienna, with a 20-ounce gold star that is 63 kilograms of gold true, at around 2.3 million euros at the current level, "said Summa.


Completed in partnership with Mali Austria, the top three-meter tree just over an hour for a collection and will be exhibited at Munich Golden Opera from Pro Aurum until December 15.

But it is not as valuable as possible, Pro Aurum spokesman told Reuters, because the price of gold has sunk in the second half of 2018, and, ranging from a range of USD 1,300-1,400 between January and June to Range USD 1,180-1,300 in the second semester. At present, gold is selling at a price of USD 1,244 in & # 39; future market.


"The constant gold level for months, there was no move in the marketplace and the corporate demand was low, which has changed in the second half of the year, as we have seen," said the spokesperson .

"The dollar is very strong, and often the gold has a bad impact on the dollar, gold has lost a lot of value both in dollars and in icons, so many customers have been Bought and supported "he said.

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