The most prominent regions in the EU to Brexit without approval


, said AFP.

Business of the engine

This is the area where the damage could be more important. The professionals warned several times from the spectacular effects of a department that employs nearly 12.2 million people in the area; mainland.

Around 10% of the export of European vehicle industry is going to the United Kingdom, Reminder of Vincent Vicard, an economist at the Center for International Information Research (CEPII).

In addition, United Kingdom and EU vehicle businesses have been very integrated. "Sometimes some of the key parts of the United States and Europe will be over five or six times," and explains Carsten Brzeski by ING Diba. Any harm in the supply chain, such as the use of traffic, would damage them.

A marriage divide would have a particular impact on the German car industry, which is well established in the United Kingdom. "If our end-of-the-art supply chain, we can not continue to do in the UK," said Stephan Freismuth from the German BMW.


"In this section, many of the German, French, Country or Belgian companies" have representative sites in the UK, says Brzeski. Therefore, the production line would also have a special impact.

In addition, multi-groups such as the Anglo-Country Shell or Anglo-American-American LyondellBasell group also deal with specific problems related to their management.

Agriculture and fishing

At this time, only 60% of British food needs are covered by its own production, and its & # 39; Others have been largely introduced from France, Belgium, Holland and Ireland

If customs duties are introduced again, the material will be more expensive and the induction to the United Kingdom may be delayed. "We can think that trucks are closed in Calais and wait for the milk they will travel before they reach Dover," Brzeski is a & # 39; praised.

Many of the products and animals can be accessed, unless it is registered in the United Kingdom in the list of authorized countries. This registration could be done quickly, with conditions, for a member in the EU.

Fishing can also be a problem for France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark or Holland, and fleet usually works in the territorial waters of Britain.

Air business

The Airbus European airplanes, who make their planes in different venues across the EU, have been causing the fear of Brexit's case without an agreement.

There is a European group, which is a. employing just about 15,000 people in the United Kingdom where it makes its device wings, have already warned that rapid departure from the "terrible" block and its " Force is invested in the country.

In July, the German Air Force Air Force Tom Enders was concerned about the departure from the United Kingdom of the Air Air Safety Group (EASA). "As of April, the declarations of thousands of portions of our planes would not now be valid, which could result in a break in our exhibition," he said.

Slightly scared air traffic between the United Kingdom and Europe makes it a particularly healthy section.

The European Commission wants to ensure that companies fly over European land and security certificates are still valid for a limited period of time. This needs a UK agreement.

Financial services

Installed activists in the United Kingdom lose their right (& financial finances & # 39;) to deliver their services in the 27 countries in the block without being present.

The Commission has already identified that many of the operators have done what is necessary to "change their contracts and restore" actions in the mainland.

On Friday, the French Bank's regulator asked to hold a surveillance in the compensation department, from a divorce divorced without a "risk of representation" agreement for the sustainability of the financial system.

British companies are largely involved in this activity, keeping track of the exchange of financial representatives in world markets and their clients; Ensure that business between the executives is correct.

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