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The most prominent topic of the Year of the Moon appears to appear

Should men and women look at the second half of the phone? Today, the most powerful "Combined Mobile Phone" comedy published the draft "See and Do not Watch" of the trailer, such as a precise cutting edge similar to the scalp in the face of a & # 39 ; close friendship.

The movie "Mobile Phone Frenzy" tells three pairs of companions – two couples close to each other, a couple in love, and one woman playing a deadly game of what is in a public mobile phone during a lunchtime, There was a heat debate about "whether men and women should see the other half of the phone." In a game for a & # 39; Seeing and listing, the relationship between the seven players Ma Dawei, Ma Li, Huo Siyan, Qiao Shan, Tian Yu, Dai Lele, and Meng Meng Yao have become clear.

The film "Mobile Phones" is the result of Li Wei, Li Wei, Wang Si, Wang Huan, and Zhang Yibai, who will be released on 29 December.

Crimes of soul: Should men and women look at the second half of the phone?

In the draft "See and Do not Look" of the trailer, he clearly made the biggest controversy between men and women: between men and women, watching and doing. watch mobile phones each other, just like to be praised. "You said, how do women have a huge interest in mobile phones?" Huo Siyan questioned the question that everyone was in a position; Think of this controversial case.

Qiao Shan, who is hosted by mobile phones all day, is determined not to show his wife Huo Siyan, and Huo Siyan has a " Try to get the best out.

I want my wife to be married, see Meng Mengyao's mobile phone, but I'm sorry to speak. I can only go to & # 39; Leave behind the game, but Meng Mengyao has never been aware that I'm distressed about my mobile phone.

The old man, Tian Yu, turned his eye on his wife's mobile phone to keep the marriage of a warranty. Deloitte was very tired with mobile phones and gave it: "Do you think everyone is doing well?"

Marley, who is just at the kilt, is like a lot of us. She is a person with whom life is stolen by a mobile phone. Although not single, she does not have to worry about her partner's rupture, but she also has phones that can not be recognized by others.

Everyone in the movie "Frenzy Phone Frenzy" can get a prototype in life about the question of whether men and women should see the second half of the mobile phone. But regardless of whether you are looking at it or not, everyone needs to have an impact on their choice.

The effects are really bad and careful. Viewing and not going to & # 39; watching every suggestion.

"At least men and women should see another half of the mobile phone" to be a subject that has been mentioned in recent years. Different people have different options, and different options continue to differ.

If you choose not to watch it, even if you are a & # 39; express their intention of mutual trust, your suspicions will not be answered, but they will gather more and more, and unfortunately this will be done; continue skilfully in the relationship. At this time, the mobile phone became a knife that hung on the head of the couple, that is the worrying thing; at their hearts forever.

If you choose to see, the trust established between the two will be protected. Even if the other party's mobile phone does not have difficulty, he will not return to his original state. In addition, the mobile phone of each person is more difficult or less, and if twins are visible, the product is even more likely.

As the trailer said: it is not and does not see it; Looking, praising: love and not love, is a problem without difficulty. "Whether men and women should see the second half of the mobile phone" it is still a difficult problem for a hundred years ago that can not be answered.

How does character attract, men and women should look at each other's handsets, and how people and mobile phones should be together. I think the most powerful topic "Mobile Phones" comedy will give us an appropriate response.

The "Mobile Phones" film is made by Xinli Film, Film Shibu, Film Eye Eye, and White Whale Film, and will be released on 29 December.

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