The most recent incident of Tommy Cherny's horrible submission of horrible gangster, pour her Class G – BLITZ


Todor Atanasov – Tommy Chernya was arrested, put a shot away from his room on 13, Saedinenie Street in Burgas, reporting Flagman. This time, the protest against being involved in a multiplication group.

A research was conducted in his Black Class-SUV.

We remember that activity in the & # 39; sea ​​from the morning.

As Blitz said, 10 people were held in Burgas town at 8:30, related to the distribution of drugs in the department. The specialist work will run from 6m.

The operation of the Interior Ministerial Directorate and the Headquarters of the Organized Crime of War, at the helm of the Special Finance Office, "said the Director of the Interior Ministry of Interior , Senior Commissioner Kaloyan Kaloyanov.

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