The murder of a former DGSE: for his mother, was "absolutely assured"


RESEARCH – When Daniel Forestier's agent in DGH was found, he found the body dead by March 21, he gave him this evidence. For Ginette Forestier, her son had to shame.

A week after the dead body of DanielSE, former DGSE agent in Haute Savoie, found a number of questions. The 57-year-old was discovered on 21 March in a car park in Ballaison village, near Lake Geneva, in Haute Savoie, but his identity was only confirmed at the beginning of the week by his lawyer. he warned him. the 1950s family.

This former French information factory was at the heart of a murder project of the enemy in the Paris area. He died after killing five death bullets.

This Thursday, his mother Ginette told RTL that his son knew that he was "definitely in danger".

"In the last two months (his death), twice he said to his brother and his sister." If something happened to me, notice your mother! " . for colleagues from RTL. "It has been caught, as it certainly is, in his opinion, as it has been awakened, that is not possible because it was a good security defense, and so still a guard, there is still a political side. T , "said Ginette Forestier.

For this mother her son, Daniel, was forced to "embarrass someone". “No one is put to death so, if we take a professional body, we have to ask for it,” she says.

Ginette Forestier found out that her son had been an agent of DGSE when he was learning his death. “He liked his country, wanted to give life to his life, he was fond of challenges, he loved the army, he was a little bold (…) He doesn't seem to bring his life to me This is her head, "she said nicely.

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