The mystery about the survival of Zé's Pipo to Pipo continues. The family is in trouble – Television


For three months, no one knows where the musician is Nuno Batista, Zé do Pipo for the art world. Without a story, the family believed when he returned, even to his; Believe, as his musician told Manuel Luís Goucha, he could be dead.

Without anybody to be sure of what happened, in the last few days there was a new theory to disappear Nuno Baptista. According to Correio da Manhã, the ability to have a & # 39; a musician with one of his dancers, in this case "Brazil's Piponete" is on his face; board.

As Peniche Court's Public Treasury's Office Treasurer has no opinion regarding the investigation of Zé's Pipo banking work, police authorities have not been working on his / her. The fact that Zé for Pipo was lost. According to the leader Vasco Toledo Cristo, in relation to Capten Port of Peniche, to Correio da Manhã "is the Public Office Office who decides the" and what "to determine what each police group. "

The poor developments in the police research and professional situation of a woman's musician, said that Nuno Batista's two children Celeste, the wife and mother of the two children, made some of the buildings to her; couple for sale. A woman is unemployed and no income, she is now in a position; accepting the need to support herself, as well as the & # 39; children.

Out of the list of existing products, a mobile device that has to be created for sale, and one of the family cars, the one that It was used as Zé used for Pipo on the last day.

To the TB 7 Days magazine, João Carlos Costa, a family friend, says that the last few months had been difficult to get over.

With two paid houses and two children for support, the friend says "She wants to find work and she wants to prepare for her children. She has made a small amount of furniture, but she has no monthly share to address her the big challenges she is now. It's the biggest person to get away from Nuno. This is what I have seen, with problems. You have to selling the car, you have to move to a completely uncomfortable place. If her husband, who gave him an income, should have been good now, every month It's completely unprotected. It's amazing. "

The musicians of the musician, Carlos and Rosa, will confirm the same situation, and # 39; make sure they are available to help the girlfriend. "It's awful, but we are here and her parents for help. We are also humble, but we plan items from month to month. So things are going on and there are She knows that she can count on us, "they tell the weekly magazine.

On weekdays with TV 7 Days, Celeste confirms the position she is experiencing; passing through and telling her to have her biggest problem, and she is the oldest that she has, live with her grandfather.

At the same time, with the case having been & # 39; Afterwards, João Carlos Costa, informing the 7 TV Days that many have been looking forward, at least he has come to him with a number of reports about people who are in a position, promised to see the musician now in the # 39; abroad, sometimes in Portuguese.

It is sure that all theories on the board are in particular: without self-killing, killing, escaping the owed debts; respect, travel alone, a & # 39; fly with one of his dancers or escape with a companion.

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