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Michael Phelps, a swimmer who won 23 gold medals at the Olympics only, was a young nickname. It's a nickname that is attached to the swim as a good fish. However, this nickname concealed other meaning “selfish”. His individual behavior with ADHD seemed to be capable of his young friends.

ADHD, which means attention deficit and problem hyperactivity, is also subject to negative assessment by the school. I have an error one, and I can't stand that for a while. In fact, ADHD can have an adverse impact on academic performance, career performance, and social relationships.

However, those with ADHD also have benefits. I can say that energy is much higher than ordinary people. Phelps may have been connecting power like this to swim.

People with ADHD who look at a completely different view of a more creative object or situation are more likely to be an ordinary person. A Public Realm

People with ADHD who look at a completely different view of a more creative object or situation are more likely to be an ordinary person. A Public Realm

ADHD is commemorated by drawing attention, but now it usually seems to show too much in particular. You will not lose your thinking to the end of the day, maybe be advantageous when you get a certain job.

Creativity is another benefit of ADHD. ADHD patients view a completely different view of a object or situation.

Often, creative thinking comes from getting rid of existing constraints, building on concepts, and different thinking. In particular, existing experience is an obstacle to creativity. For example, we can sample and think of an animal or fruit that may be on another planet outside the Earth.

At this time, most people think and represent the strange version of an animal or ordinary fruit living on Earth. This is because the animals and fruit that live on the earth have restricted creativity by working as an existing experience.

Include inferential elements in additional fruit

By extension is the ability to solve the concept of linking the concept of the concept. Tools are, for example, tools for repairing paper. But those that are good might be thinking of paper clusters outside their borders like something else opening up slate slab rooms.

A variety of ideas are an important element of creative thinking such as the ability to think about many different ideas from one particular place. Studies carried out previously have shown that patients with ADHD can make various accidents. In recent research, however, university students with ADHD have all been found to be able to overcome the existing barriers and extend conceptually.

Dr Holly White, a psychologist at the University of Michigan in the United States, who has a keen interest in creative awareness, has worked on re-naming pains for pain and similar, considering that he works for an NCC undergraduate and college student advertising organization. At this time, participants got what they know already about stopping for pains to stop in 'All', such as Tylenol & # 39 ; or 'Panadol'.

As a result, students without ADHD will have names that are similar to traditional analgesic names. However, it was not found that students with ADHD already had any or a limited number of drugs on the name of analgesic drugs.

The researchers have also surveyed two groups of college students pulling and explaining the fruits that planets could have very different from Earth. The state of this test is to help people understand the concept of expanding the idea that it should not present a symbol of any fruit present on the ground.

The results of this survey were also true. Students with ADHD think of fruits which have fewer normal features of fruit used in the school. For example, there is a tendency to include inferential elements from features such as bats and hammers. That is, it shows a higher concept extension by withdrawing from the traditional boundaries of the product category.

Richard Branson, Freaky Chief Executive with dyslexia. T

The real model of the film 'Rain Man!', Kim Peak's leading memory maker, remembers 12,000 books and a map of all the breaking down. He also undertakes a computer with 50 seconds which is calculated in 6 seconds.

In England, painter Stephen Waltzhaar took a helicopter tour for about 20 minutes, drawing all the panorama in New York, including the buildings and roads, as well as the number of windows and cars running. Not only New York, but also Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and all the scenes that appear on it and then just photograph it as a picture.

But Kim Peak was beaten by brains and Steven Walshire was discovered by an autism at the age of three.

Richard Branson, the British Virgin Group founder, said a primary school child would become a millionaire or be imprisoned. Because I have lost dyslexia because I have difficulty reading dyslexia. But he has been a good entrepreneur and he says that he was able to build a strong group due to dyslexia.

Barber Kokorian, chairman of Kokoren Group, has dyslexia, a major US estate broker in the USA. But she also said dyslexia made him more creative and more competitive. Other doctors, such as Einstein, Edison and Leonardo da Vinci also suffered from dyslexia, which is known to be caused by the imbalance of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Today, ADHD is one of the most common mental complications in children. While these disagreements can affect different aspects of their lives, others may use them to lead creative life.

Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Holly White, who carried out the survey, said that people with ADHD can be the best talent in areas that need to create or develop new things without being reliant on suspicion. In the future when many emotions and jobs are replaced by many jobs and jobs, the achievement of these diverse talents will be clearer.

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