The N.S. A woman sent her cat to Montreal badly


Last Friday, Jackie Lake was acquainted with stomaching that no pets owner wants to do. His lovely cat, Baloo, was missing.

Loch and her family put all the weekend to research her; community. They watched the nearby woods, nestled under hills and laid down on dozens of doors. There was no sign of cats.

"It was a terrible feeling," Lake said to CTV Atlantic.

That feeling lasted until Monday, when Loch got an unusual phone. A woman who was a woman; Convener from the Purolator in Montreal.

"She sat and said," So you did not launch a cat? "" Loch was recalled.

That's when the pieces of the riddles started to fall into. Lake recently had packed several boxes with car lines. She pulled up the boxes and put them through a Purolator to a friend in Calgary.

"My first question is: Does he live? Like him, did I kill my cats?" She said.

No, Baloo was alive and well. The Purolator's employee told her to find the cat truck driver behind her vehicle. Baloo got rid of his box.

Lake says that her cats need to be entered into the length box & # 39; She did not look, perhaps through a small opening in her; roof, and tied in the hole of the edge.

"So it was not on the top, he got through a hole down to the bottom of his box," she said.

When Baloo was detected, his shipping company came out to the SPCA of Montreal, who got out the cat.

"We were all delighted that Balloo was doing right to Montreal, he was living on the trip," said SPCA spokesman Anita Kapuscinska.

Baloo, who is very healthy, is now on his way home to support the Freedom conductor, a volunteer-led organization who is a volunteer, guide pets that need to travel.

Lake said it was easier to get his cat back in time for the holidays. But she does not expect her to hear her head off at any time sooner.

"I'm not going to download it," she said.

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