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The script of "The Crime of Native" is a serious reason for dramatic drama in drama.

"That's the Aboriginal people" attracted many spectators at the end of last year. From the title of the play, it was not related to the "Undocumented Crime" crime drama in 2017, but not the same thing to watch a few programs. The same fictional home is really real. "Crime of the Native" also played the most popular human situation in 2018. This has been featured in "The Soul of the Town" and "The City", so what impact th; there? Can this drama meet the expectations of the audience?

1 The world of a fictional leader must also honor his truth

The style of hunting in south-eastern Asia, the symbolic style of Hong Kong drama, is the busy tragedy between the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the country's country, the amazing and uncertain country, total harassment of chaos … I believe it is like the author. This is the most interesting knowledge of most Native Sin fans. In fact, its background and game mix is ​​not a case here, and there are such problems in a & # 39; demolish "Yucheng". The general problem between them is that they provide the relationship between background and story; piece, trying to integrate its complexity; backgrounds to be used simply to strengthen the complexity of its aircraft. They are not based on the visual information about real life to show the background, and they do not select and. confirm its background in accordance with its & # 39; plot. Instead, they spend a lot of energy, a & # 39; Creating many cisks, and building a diversity of ethnic groups, accents and landscape features. All-Asian special cities, and removing different elements that are not similar in the same spatial range, together with the limited capacity of screen leaders and screen writers to control complex scenes, and how As a result of an unforgettable awareness of chaos S-

It is also a fictional home case, but the "sin-step" feeling is a Readers are very familiar, enjoyable and real. The nights are dark, dark, dark and ice and snow, the main black and white weather is so beautiful that the natural and cold natural environment is in the north-eastern city of Hazon and the right social and irregular social scene, which is a good example of the snow linear killer cause. Background information. On the other hand, "That's the Native Americans", in the first case, we can not see the Middle East Asian style frame, sometimes the vocabulary of Hong Kong and Taiwanese dialects, and dress A lightly polite light policeman, what's wrong with her; case. What is this post? It can be seen that the fictional home itself is not a problem, and that the world that is not a problem; Overwhelmingly means that the real world can not respect. The key to the problem is whether the interpreter of the writer's narrative is in line with the storyline's main line. When the withdrawal of the background can not effectively use the development needs of its plot, it is a collection of more of the terrestrial elements; in getting a really tough.

Two double investors supported the conflict support conflict

The most important thing of the Crime Crime is the duplicate owner, and the writer attempts to marry the two male masters into the lawsuit drama. In the first place, in the story of comparison, rhythm and bad dune, the design of double male masters, as long as And the actress who is currently playing is fair, whether it is a positive or tight reward with a tat or two who work alongside, identifying revenge or representation of plot. Impact of very serious legal law. However, it is clear that the writer and director in the play did not have any impact on Lu Yi and Chi Zhen, raising the two male masters, and they do not have any messages and they appear to be sent immensely and without power.

Let me talk first about the policemen played by Yin Zheng. In terms of acting skills, it is a "face-face display" of "splitting, locking eyes, tidying his chin", or carrying the moral church; "father of his original sin" father Lu Ziming. Confidentiality, we do not have to stop these disputes for the time. Here, it is only scrutinized from the character design of the script. As the best graduator from the Huacheng Police Academy, appointed by the Director of Crime Investigation Bureau, has spent many years to experience in & # 39; case handling and has proceeded to the position of the head of the crime inspection team. It is a reason why he should be a professional person who can have a personality, but he needs to be aware of all the doubts about the case and be sufficiently advanced to do so; Understand the personality feelings of the person involved. But in the play, the captain of the earth, in the first case, questioned his & her; a catastrophe who was suspected of frightening torture; In the second case, he found the boarding path in the sailor's pocket, even to keep track of passengers' information on the same flight to the deceased. There is no general peace but it is only after a set of programs to think about it, and in the third case, IQ and Emotional Feel are even lower, and an old police that has been manipulated to & # 39; case for many years to open and compare the feelings. It's easy for everyone. Because the one suspected is among several tenants, and they are worried that some of them will be killed, they will not be held and protected. They will continue to let them stay in the Youth Hostel (case), causing the murderer He can succeed again and again.

In addition to that, in the first piece, it is a "legal stick" non-destructive to help the securityist; burn her body for 30,000 yuan. After being devolved as a lawyer, he went to his / her; gun to see the night club. It is a complex person who will be able to. walking in black and white. However, it is a duty so strong, but in the second case, it became a "lawful law, believe in justice, is a belief to do the day to look", the moral policeman has a ; Police breach of justice, insufficiently prepared and brewing The fast turning will be sad.

The same problem also appeared in the opponents of the land and the bath. Lu and He Zhen, from the front of their first episode to the second, became a partner, still lacked enough plot support, but postponed as Dong's Deputy Director for the CP implemented. As the worst struggles in the whole drama, that is, "the main sin" of the result, Lu Ziming, the father of Lu Yi, was the murderer who killed Chi Zhen's sister, That year, but this was the first time the Deputy Director of Dong met, he did Chi Zhen. As well as divide the land, or after two sections of land and pond crest, the writer's control is on his / her; conflicts are also very good. In terms of its & # 39; process; cooperate as a post-line, these two rarely started. It can be said that the level of photon was not enough to support the two male masters to meet the expectations of the audience.

3 Crime of Originity is not a companion to "Undergraduate Crime"

Although it was the original part of the film, many spectators thought that "That's Aboriginal" was a helpful piece to "The Crime of Undocumented", but all three issues are seen, Whether they are from the design framework, logical reasoning, rhythm game, or detailed presentation. See, comparison is not both strong, too much for comparison, but suspects that it is willing to "have no evidence of crime".

In the author's vision, from the design framework design, "That's Native Americans" is more similar to the "Unnatural Death" professional drama in Japan. It is also a quiet reasoning drama. It is also a two-three paper that is independent The murder case is also the responsibility of its program case, and it also makes it possible. Try to use the case to show social problems … However, the same customization is used in "Crime of Native", but it does not appear to be the audience it has bought.

In the first case, the writer said that the painter's inspiration for her lover was to kill the child, and if he could not say that this reason could be established, he a & # 39; ask how a father who wants the child to drive with her; mother who is going to take the road and the police on the road. ? The knitting was in a logic, a piece, like a needle, a & # 39; Excavation of ballads is full of sadness that was difficult to create before, means that the monolog of the end of the film appears weak and weak. The second case, changed from the murder of Nanjing's murder case, showed roughly the script. The scriptwriter did not change the name of the passwords, but changed the name of the passwords. To compare the sinful family's happy life and that the victim was unsure, a photograph of the original victim of the otter was reviewed in the play. However, after the change, a woman with a woman and tens of thousands of dollars can send a month to the family, how he is willing to give everything for gutting, how to can a woman take money with her uncle? Sending to a marriage party? This plan utilizes a very well-known case that was largely enough of drama to be full of doors. I'm scared not just "life is more powerful than drama". It can be seen that the depth of drama is not supported by the system of pests and large images of each paper. The rough part of the script is the deadly loss of the fact subjects.

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