The NASA Mars helicopter is about to fly on the Red Planet



NASA / JPL-Caltech

After sitting their series of experiments at NASA's own Complex Lab, a company Mars helicopter is about to fly over the Red Planet.

"The next time we fly, we travel on Mars," said MiMi Aung, the manager of the Helicopter Mars project, in a press release.

A Mars helicopter project was designed as a technology demonstration that will test how well a jet aircraft can perform on one of our nearest neighbors. To date, NASA has surveyed Martian surfaces with pedestrians – t the couple, the Spirit and the ever-gone Fair, and the latest – animation – accepting the stars gives a whole new way to explore the bare Marshals.

Providing flight to the Earth was hard enough. Another plan, 90 to 640 million miles, faces another challenge (around 55 to 400 million kilometers). Mars's air is much thinner than Earth and Earth are falling to freezing temperatures that may affect sensitive electrology. To ensure that the helicopter is able to deal with these situations, NASA has been through a number of strict trials.

NASA repeated some of the conditions the helicopter found when it came on Mars, gathering its performance data to zoom for the first historic flight.

"Getting ready for the first time on Mars, we have recorded more than 75 minutes of flying flight by a model of engineering, which was a helicopter-in-house," said Aung.

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In JPL's chimney room, a half-storey cellar room as a school bus, the atmosphere team created faux Mars and then let the indoor chopper inside. They also created a false graphics which was equivalent to what the helicopter was getting used to by creating a "drag-down drag system".

The test did not reach 2 inches (about 5 centimeters) from the ground, but we did need to prove that he was able to do his job when she arrives in Mars. At the second test, a helicopter was looking for a full minute. Ironically, the team were very popular at the time of the flight.

"By looking at our helicopter she will pass through the room, I can only help to think about the historic vehicles that have existed before," said Aung. "The hospitality room provided missionaries from the experiments of Ranger Moon for Voyagers to Cassini, and all the Mars Mars were ever moved."

These tests are in place until the copper first passes over the Red Planet, when this is launched The next Mars on Mars is in 2020. It is expected that in February 2021 the Martian surface will be reached, effectively eroded within the next one, without any name at present.

As at present, the helicopter Mars is untitled, but the correspondent CNET is firmly firmly known as the Dutch name after the famous Predator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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