The NASCAR driver says that every hell is a Disbanded divorce in a monster accident


The NASCAR competition has not yet officially started, but several cars have been shipwrecked again.

Most of the 20-car range was destroyed in a lethal accident in a showcase at the famous Daytona Day in Florida on Sunday (Monday NZT).

Jimmie Johnson won the non-broadcasting Clash at the Daytona showcase race but was said to have put on the big disaster.

But Johnson sent the crime with the clan director Paul Menard – who, indeed, felt that he was in the disaster.

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"I was feeling like an aggressive face to anger," said Menard APSouth Westerly

NASCAR Clash has a huge disaster in Daytona on producing a & # 39; Most of the 20 car range.


NASCAR Clash has a huge disaster in Daytona on producing a & # 39; Most of the 20 car range.

"I turned to the inside and I went on the right and broke all the hell out."

The two came together with Menard to spin to a number of drivers at the wrong spot at a wrong time.

Menard managed the race – it was stopped three times due to water – when he and Johnson arrived on lap 55.

"My decision is the second part to try to win a race, and I put the pass on and I got rid of it," Johnson said APSouth Westerly

"I do not know what to put forward their car and then the crash started there."

Leave the chain further back in the field to destroy it with its & # 39; Most of the 20-car range is either damaged or damaged.

"I was watching the mirror and many cars were caught," said Johnson APSouth Westerly

The race was abandoned only four pence after the disaster, due to water, by Mac Iain to the crowning of the winner.

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