The Nation Sportsman and the Hungarian World Championship team were involved in the sheephouses


The Hungarian Birkz Religion (MBSZ) was a Hungarian team at Varga Jnost, the National Sportsman and the Hungarian World Championship in Ostrc.

In the event, Nmeth Szilrd, a director of MBSZ and Schmitt Pl, who was Chief Executive of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB), was appointed the Honorary Chair of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (NOB) appointed by 79 Members Varga Jnost Members, who officially came to the National Sports Society on the last day.

Varga Jnos birkz, a Sportsman Nation with a Christian giftForrs: MTI / Szigetvry Zsolt

Ntmeth Szilrd said she was a sheep sheep, saying that she was one of those who went to her. She could say she was the World Olympic Championship, and she won all the gold in her visit. It is common that the world is not the best thing but outside. He resigned as a Champion in European Championships and was also a European warrior in Tantvnya, and also dismissed.

"Jani, the Nation is a Sportsman. What is hell?" "Schmitt told the telephone dialogue with Vargal, just after the Nazi Sportoli was chosen to be a warrior at the Mexican Olympics (1968)." We had many votes in the first place, and there were six votes at Varga Jnos in the first round, and one or two were not suitable, "said Schmitt. a man who always wanted to be together. nobody ever fell asleep, arguing, and complained. He said that the most important thing is that the hardness should be included, as only the results ".

Then Varga Jnos was able to buy a crystal ball from Nmeth Szilrdtl and Schmitt Pltl.

Varga Jnos birkz, a National Sportsman with a Christian gift, along with Schmitt Pl, a member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Honorary President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, NOB member, and Nmeth Szilrd, Birkz's awareness of HungaryForrs: MTI / Szigetvry Zsolt

In a continuing case, the sheep world was defeat the big. Nmeth Szilrd came to the conclusion that the organizer was very hard, but it was difficult, and it was okay, as in accordance with Nenad Lalovic, UWW, happening in Hungarian football.

In addition to the organizer, the results of a Hungarian team were also special, with gold, kt and bronze in a dark and dark place. However, not just a single player in the MBSZ, but the team has also recruited all who are in a position; play, coaches and members of the team involved, and gave them a grammar and memories.

People in the world can now produce their search as "sharks".

There are eight bundles (Kkttfog 72kg) and Lrincz Tams (77kg) each, at a worldwide broadcast (eight kilograms 82kg), and the bronze medal is Emka Barka (57kg) a & # 39 ; obtaining three million forints, and Sastin Marianna 62 cg), Nmeth Zsanett (76 kg), Olejnik Pavlo (97 kg) and Kiss Balzs (97 cg), one engineer.

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